BBC Is Not Left Wing, But New World Order

The US Dollar Bill.  Novus Ordo Seclorum.  It’s in everyone’s pockets.
It means – New World Order.  So much for the ‘pursuit of happiness’

Peter Sissons wrote an interesting article detailing the left wing bias of the BBC, published by The Daily Mail, today.   His list is interesting, but his diagnosis is not quite right.  Is it for example left wing to be against religion?  I wouldn’t think so, necessarily.  Many combine left wing views with belief in God.

In the article, Sissons claims that the BBC opposes all religions (see full quote lower down). But as Moslems fight back when criticised, the BBC focuses its attacks on Christians who turn the other cheek. That is not left wing, to be against religion, but Fabian, the branch of left wingery which sees socialism as the ideal way to subjugate the masses, so the elite can control them, as the elite has superior intelligence.
The Fabians, for example, were keen for the 1st World War to get going so the established old order could be overthrown, and a ‘new world order’ be achieved, with supranational government taking over the nations, pretty much what we have now.
The New World Order, unlike left wing beliefs, is against all religions, and the NWO cap, not the left wing label, fits the BBC’s output much better.  Karl Marx was a Satanist, and the NWO and Fabianism of the Webbs at the London School Of Economics was said to be based on REASON.
Moira Stuart, Peter Sissons,  Anna Ford (rt)
BBC’s news reading team in the 1990s.  No happiness allowed.  Just clinical reason with a hint of a smile occasionally.  Ever wondered why watching the news is so depressing.
Today we are ruled by REASON, where a hundred years ago, the world was ruled by GOD.  When will we be ruled by CONTENTMENT, where human happiness is valued?  The American Constitution was a step in the right direction, with the pursuit of happiness described as the right of all men.  That is a far more left wing and revolutionary notion than the ones propagated by the BBC and the Fabians.   Today the notion of a right to human happiness is being brutally suppressed in the USA, by the same elitist power networks that have enslaved Europe.

Our gaoler is REASON, by which an elite justifies its power over the masses because of its superior intelligence.  The Fabianism of The New World Order is the exact opposite of what most people imagine left wing notions to be.  I think Mr Sissons could agree with that.

I left this comment on Political Betting on the discussion thread which was talking about Sissons’s article.  The comment was deleted by the comments monitor.
8. Peter Sissons on left wing BBC bias – Islam must not be offended at any price, although ­Christians are fair game because they do nothing about it if they are offended.
Why is it left wing to be against religions?
In fact it is not, although left wing regimes often try to crush religion. Being against religion is though typical of the Fabians, who are an element of the OWG. Blair was the head of the British Fabian Society. How come he does this religious act all the time? PR, probably. He is uniformly OWG in everything he does, as is Brown.

His conversion to Catholicism coincided with The Vatican’s takeover by a paedophiliac Pope who justifies paedophilia as a ‘normal act’. Paedophilia is another emblem of the OWG, besides godlessness and war-making.  The Pope stated in his Christmas message that there is nothing in the world, exclusively good or exclusively bad.  The Vatican has been taken over by the dictates of the Fabians and the school of REASON.  GOD has left The Vatican.

     by Tapestry January 22nd, 2011 at 08:41
One problem with REASON is that it can justify anything you want it to.  Another is that it devalues belief in anything at all.  Socrates demonstrated that all human beliefs were logically false.  Our conscious minds are only 2% of our total mental capacity.  Our emotional and instinctive capabilities, by far the greater part of our being, are made inadmissible, if all values have to be derived from REASON alone.  REASON and logic legislate everything ‘in’ or ‘out’, but cannot weigh, or sense.   They cannot permit change, and they demand total uniformity.
The capacity of humanity to be CONTENT and not make war over whatever ‘reason’ dictates, is not even on the agenda.  REASON, imagining itself a superior form of being, is in fact barbaric, denying all human feeling, which is why we see a remote unemotional depressing representation of the world every day on the BBC.  Humanity and our happiness are inadmissible.  
The world would work a lot better if the right to the pursuit of happiness was admissible, as I discovered when working on business organisational culture at Henley Management College in the 1990s.  Contentment is crucial for the effectiveness and motivation of people in business.  It is equally crucial in delivering a good social outcome.  Human Contentment is a much broader concept than  REASON, which promotes the narrow mechanistic over the infinite sensing side of humanity.  
An emphasis on a right to the pursuit of happiness, as realised by the Founding Fathers of the USA, brings better results than a reliance on reason, and the violence it always requires to enforce its clinical classifications.  The USA is where the coming cultural set piece battle is shaping, where The  Tea Party, determined to revive a culture based on human-centric values, seeks to sweep away the clinical and corrupt violence of the NWO.  Britain is still asleep, a once happy people, now walking in a watery soup of deep BBC-induced depression. 
Here is a good video showing how far the ‘socialist’ network has gone in shaping the world since the REASON of The New World Order decided to overthrow The Old World Order and start the First World War.  To fill in on the story of how The New World Order started, you need to follow the links in the left column at the top of my blog, Tapestry’s Politics, and find ‘The Brotherhood Of Darkness’.  As this is the programme that has taken over our world, we might as well at least try to understand it, before we are finally consumed by it.  Maybe, if people understood what they were seeing and hearing more clearly, they would start to reverse the unstoppable progress of this political construction, which began 100 years ago, and is now ruling every word that we hear from the media, the BBC its greatest UK asset.

The video from Brasscheck TV.  The story was also run by The Guardian.
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13 Responses to “BBC Is Not Left Wing, But New World Order”

  1. Derek says:

    Tch Tap! Moira Stewart . . .
    Sacked from the Beeb for being ‘Too old’, then they begged her to return two years later.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks. It comes from living overseas. I find many names from the past are slipping from my memory! Nothing to do with age, of course.

  3. Atlas shrugged says:

    You are missing something which is vitally important.

    The NWO is not against established religion it was born of the greatest, and by far and away the oldest religion of them all, which is Mystery Babylon. You may call it Satanism if you wish, but it is still a religion all the same.

    I keep an open mind as to the validity of either Bible believing Christians and the Babylonian or Pagan alternative. I was not around at the time, and so try to keep my feet in both camps just in case.

    Mystery Babylon, as its name suggests goes back to the dawn of civilization itself. Mystery Babylon is the corner stone of Freemasonry, and that which holds up much of High Christianity very much including The CofE, The Roman Catholic Church, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and many others including Paganism.

    Revelation chapter 17 verse 5


    Power on earth exists in both Spiritual and Temporal forms. Man is a spiritual as well as a material being, so must be held by his balls, as well as his heart.

    The NWO must control both, left and right, male, and female, friend and foe, temporal and spiritual. Which is the entire reason for being of The RCC, and especially the Jesuit Orders that have controlled it for at least the last 350 years. Who’s job it has long since been to consume all other religions into itself, under the leadership of an utterly controlled The Holy FATHER,(GOD on Earth) the Pope in Rome.

    The RCC is after all the MOTHER OF HARLOTS. The Mother Church that gives birth to all of THE ABOMINATIONS of the Earth.

    A One World Government must contain at its very heart a One World Religion, otherwise it will ultimately fail. Even more to the point could not possibly have got as far as it already has.

    The NWO certainly believes it can not fail, because it has friends, and co-conspirators in all of the highest, and most important places in the world. This including the highest places in The Islamic world, such as The Saudi Royal Family.

    I am sure that all of these groups do not agree on everything, and so jostle for position every now and again. However they know what is going on almost infinitely better then their respective citizenry, and religious followers do.

    Stalin was a JESUIT. Communism was indeed invented, and promoted around the world by The Jesuit Orders.

    Revelation Chapter 6 verse 4

    And there went out another horse that was RED: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another; and there was given unto him a great sword.

  4. Greetings NWO fans;

    “against all religions”

    Had you ever considered why the one most call “Jesus” was outraged at the Church Inc. of his day?

    He was given a vision of a time line and in that time line he saw the service-to-self (Church Inc.) twisting he and his biological mother’s biography in order to further enslave man with divisiveness, the “your either with us, or against us” mentality.

    So yes, religion and a debt based economic system are at the root of what Christians should be calling evil or Devil.

    Yet, all there is is lessons.

    The very best to you all on your journey of discovery

  5. Tapestry says:

    I see these issues in much simpler terms – what works in practice with human beings, and what doesn’t. The NWO has a long history and a short history. The long history refers back to Satanism or Luciferianism. Its shorter history, from 1910 onwards, is based entirely on intellectualism or Reason.

    My philosophy is based on practicality, learned from working with people and observing the two primary influences on human beings – the tendency to cooperate and help each other, and the tendency to compete and to see others a threat.

    The NWO has the starting point of seeing people inwardly and outwardly as a threat. Look at Blair fulminating against Iran yesterday, hoping to start yet another war, and the recent press coverage of China.

    It is reasonable to do see people as a threat, but it is impractical, and the most dynamic human relationships are cooperative. I am not seeing this from Christian eyes yet much Christian philosophy is based on, and tending to empasise cooperative culture, the west’s given culture.

    The Renaissance brought out this better part of Christianity. The decision to run against Christianity by the New World Order, and replace it with Reason has seen a tendency to competitiveness and war surge in the 20th and 21st centuries.

    I am not advocating only a return to Christianity although that would be welcome in formerly Christian countries if it is feasible, but a return to a more cooperative view of humanity, and a less warlike and evil one.

  6. Atlas shrugged says:

    Tapestry, I note that your feet are more planted on the Temporal rather then the Spiritual side of the things. Which is understandable as seeing the world though both prisms is hard work, and often impossible to do properly at the same time.

    Life itself is neither rational, logical, or based on the intellect. Indeed if it were we would have become extinct before we evolved much past the primeval slime. Or more to the point our chances of having done so are almost infinitely against all possible odds. The rulers of this world KNOW this to be the case, they simply have no intention of letting the likes of us know it also.

    However this does not mean you should not try harder to do so, if it is a useful understanding of the essential TRUTH of this particular matter you genuinely seek.

    For a man who has had his material, divided from his spiritual side, is the most fundamentally divided of all. A man who can not find truth however hard he looks for it.

    Trust NOT those who believe, or dishonestly state that they have found the whole truth, trust more those that are forever looking for that which they know can never be found.

    Blair did not become an official Roman Catholic for the sake of simply promoting his future political prospects. In this matter, if clearly no other, Tony Blair, was indeed acting entirely honestly. Tony Blair is a Knight of Malta, therefore swore his undying loyalty to the long held reason for being of The RCC, many moons ago. As did wittingly or otherwise just about every major leader of this entire planet, including the likes of WS Churchill, the heads of our MSM, most surely including The BBC, and most if not all of the entire worlds secret, judicial, and civil services

  7. Tapestry says:

    Blair has sworn his undying loyalty to nearly everyone on the planet. I think we need a better focus for a discussion of values and meaning.

    The NWO is not only a ‘rational’ creation. It believes in mechanistic methods of control, such as money, denying people access to money in order to control them, or locking people into concentration camps, or killing them. Propaganda only works for a while.

    As the sensing part of our minds is not valued by them, they fail to understand the core of humanity, the object of their plans to control. They will never enjoy loyalty of the populations they suppress.

    They leave false structures in place for the populations to keep believing in, such as church, monarchy and democracy, but they are ruthlessly controlled.

    If monarchy or democracy actually starts to work again, they intervene and eliminate the individuals who are able to inspire genuine love and affection, creating a bland uninspiring ersatz cultural greyness.

    Prince William and Kate will need to watch out that their popularity doesn’t get too much for the tiny little NWO rational egos. Monarchy is only meant to be their front, not their replacement. The BBC will ensure that the whole affair is managed to ‘order’.

  8. Twig says:

    Can either of you explain the BBC’s allegiance to Islam over the RCC?

  9. Tapestry says:

    Sissons says it’s because the Christian church doesn’t fight back, but Moslems do. Another idea is that the NWO aims to break up established loyalties and the ‘old order’. The Islamic belief system does that for them. Another way of looking at it is in the context of the old saw, divide and rule.

  10. Twig says:

    Divide and rule would fit with the government’s multi culti plan.
    If everyone integrated, dividing to rule wouldn’t be quite so easy.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Are you confusing “reason” with utilitarianism? What do you mean by reason?

  12. Tapestry says:

    Good point. Without writing a book, I see REASON as thinking characterised by the academic mentality, full of aggressive idealism, not tempered in the real practical world of business.

    In terms of Utility, I note that Bertrand Russell resigned from the Fabians as he saw their aggressiveness and certainty of their own righteousness, was going to lead to war, which it did, the First World War, no less.

    A more practical approach would have seen peace as more important than intellectual perfection. 50 million odd died as a result.

    If the Fabians caused WW1 by their insistence on entente against Germany, the Central Bankers caused the second by deciding to punish Germany at Versailles, making money-making from war the ally of the idealists who believed that the deaths and the suffering were worth it to drive the old world away, and create a New World Order.

    See The Brotherhood Of Darkness in the intro of my blog. The Blairs were classic ‘we know what’s best for you’. Now run ahead, everyone, and die in a war.

    REASON is deathly.

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