Australia Being Targeted. Why?

Bizarre Weather Patterns Recorded By Radar Over Australia In 2010


People are interested in why the Queensland floods are happening.  Here are my thoughts.
Queensland is only the latest target for biblical weather patterns in Australia, which are devastating the economy and environment.
The reason might be this.
The USA has developed HAARP technology which can create and direct extreme weather with incredible precision.  Electricity is fed up to the ionosphere which becomes heavily charged.  This charge can then be directed to descend to earth at any point in the globe, by chanelling it down by means of magnetic waves.  The effect is to create earthquakes where there are fault lines available to disturb, as in Japan, or huge storms where clouds can be created from the oceans, and moved to a target on land where they can then be made to drop their load.  
Rather than confusing people with more details about this, if you are interested, search the internet to research HAARP technology, based on discoveries made by Nicola Tesla 100 years ago.  Check the videos below which describe one journalist’s encounter with the technology.  If it sounds a bit ‘mad scientist’, keep reading and watching the various explanations of how weather, and other things might have been manipulated in the past –

Then the question is whether and why is Australia being targeted with the technology?
The answer might be that China is threatening the USA with new stealth airplanes, submarines and anti-ship missiles which they claim would be capable of sinking USA aircraft carriers if there were to be a confrontation over Korea or Taiwan.  The USA wants to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of its HAARP technology to act as a dicincentive to China to become overly aggressive with conventional weapons. The Star Wars satellites sent into space to cover the globe over the last twenty years are the delivery vehicle for controlling the descent of the energy to its target.  At this point it is assumed the Chinese don’t yet have the capability to eliminate the satellites, although  one aspect of HAARP is that it can shoot down all missiles and airplanes at will, or rather they are unable to penetrate the energy waves it creates.  So the satellites are believed to be impregnible.
The reason Australia is angering the One World Government which has effective control of America’s military capabilities, is that Australia is permitting China to have access to all her minerals, including coal and fuels.  The Australian government is under intense pressure to stop doing this, and attempts are being made at government level to create disincentives to corporations to sell out the resources to the Chinese.  The HAARP is being used as a method of threatening the Australian government, and bringing Australia to heel.  It is also a demonstration to China of what could be done to China if they persist in using miitary threat to push American influence back from Chinese spheres of aspiration.
How else can anyone explain what is happening?
Another possibility is that China also has developed HAARP technology, and Australia has served as suitable play area for both superpowers to demonstrate their capabilities to each other.  Though why would China want to cripple the mining output of Queensland on which she depends?

HAARP in simple terms

The apparatus for HAARP is a reversal of a radio telescope; antenna send out signals instead of receiving. HAARP is the test run for a super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything.

EU Referendum

Brasil is also having an area previously in drought now suffering huge flooding, killing hundreds, at the same moment as Brisbane.  Derek mentioned this in comments.  Is someone messing around with the weather?  Richard North says it is nothing to do with warming.  The warmists’ agenda desperately needs some weather events to give their campaign for world carbon taxation a kick start.

The Australian

William Hague is the first Foreign Secretary to visit Australia for sixteen years.   He will be talking about international security, taxation and climate change.  It will be interesting to see if there is any change in Australia’s selling out her reserves to China.  Nathaniel Rothschild is building a worldwide coal empire, flying around the globe to see his coal mine purchases.  Now that wouldn’t be a coincidence, would it?  Is the OWG targeting Australia’s coal reserves, and using HAARP as one of the ways to persuade a change of heart.

UPDATE May 11th 2011 – similar attacks on the USA show that weather attacks are more likely being used to promote notions of global warming, and the introduction of environmental measures that appeal to corporations and governments.  See Square Clouds link below.
An interesting angle on the Brisbane floods, being about ‘global warming’, NOT.

weather being used as a weapon – Daily Express

Square Clouds and HAARP Rings Precede Tornado
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15 Responses to “Australia Being Targeted. Why?”

  1. David Morris says:

    Am I the only reader who is becoming more & more concerned about your posts ? The content swings from the lucid to the extreme range of W T F?…..

    I’ll class this one under NTS

    (Nurse,the Screens !)

    Kind regards

  2. Tapestry says:

    If you find it mentally safer to keep believing the tripe you are subjected to in the media, help yourself.

    I thought I’d been quite restrained.

    If you don’t follow through and study the links, and only take a quick emotional reaction to information coming available via the internet, you will get quite a jolt. It takes a while to absorb a lot of the things that are coming to light on Wikileaks, and from a myriad of other sources. The world most of us thought we were living in these last sixty years never existed. That is the problem. And people don’t adjust their thinking in a day.

    It’s called The Great Awakening.

  3. Tapestry says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Here’s a good explanation of why no one knows what is really going on..

  5. Anonymous says:

    Destroy economy’s by control of weather patterns?. Ultimate weapon, which can be put down to natural disasters.
    Hiding this technology, like any weapon would be what would be done.
    Sink holes, massive floods, earthquakes and tornados, that can destroy cities, even countries.
    Read about HAARP a while back. Its very scarey, and not beyond possibilities..

  6. It wouldn’t have anything to do with AGW? I follow your posts with interest as they do have merit in the main but…

  7. St says:

    “Am I the only reader who is becoming more & more concerned about your posts ?”

    No you are not. Lex parsimoniae anyone?

  8. BrianSJ says:

    Piers Corbyn the weather forecaster has more mundane explanations.

  9. Tapestry says:

    I appreciate these comments. Any other explanation would have to account for the uniform weather patterns, which keep repeating. I’m always willing to be proved wrong, and I accept that it will take time before any certainty can be arrived at, on any theory.

    Let’s keep an eye on the story and I’ll revisit it occasionally. I can only write what I think, not what I hope people will accept.

  10. Tapestry says:

    David Morris, I find the best exponent of the current situation of the world is Dr Stan Monteith of

    Give his radio shows a few hours of your time – recorded. And you will not be saying WTF any more.

  11. Derek says:

    Is this gunsmoke?

    Today is the 13th Jan 2011, and the latest piece of ‘natural disaster’ is of mudslides in Brazil leaving over 250 dead.

    We have seen heatwaves in Russia, floods in Pakistan and Australia, Earthquakes in China. These countries are at present giving economical challenges to America’s administration (not the people). Is this a coincidence?

    I have read about HAARP over a year ago, and listened to a few scientists and others of it’s possible capacity to alter weather. It can mess with Nature. It’s secret. You cannot get in. It’s in the hands of the military. The images shown in Tap’s picture of Australia with overlays of what look like ‘Catherine wheels’ is not the first I have seen, though open to claims of ‘photoshop'(ing).

    The chances of scientifically associating any or all of these events by the average person is zero – even if the evidence was made available – who would believe it, and of course it would be vehemently denied.

    Birth control; Dioxines in food; Flouridation; Vaccinations; GM food. Are we asleep yet? Or is it ‘cot death’?

  12. Tapestry says:

    I’ve opened up a whole can of worms by blogging HAARp, something I have noi prior knowlkedge about or sources that are convincing other than the few good clips on youtube. The rest is supposition.

    Mudslides in Brazil are par for the course. But the extreme events in Australia with the Melbourne floods in 2010 followed by the Brisbane floods in 2011 are beyond all previous experience. A single event would be 1 in a 100, but two in succession are double that. Yes freak events do happen, but how many do we need?

    The radar pictures could be frauds. There are internet reports of northern lights over the tropical sea on the day of the asian tsunami. Etc etc.

    Normally I prefer to work from a source, but with notions of HAARP being responsible for these occurrences, we are all in the realm of supposition.

  13. Derek says:

    Exactly. Such events have happened before – long before we ‘messed’ with Nature.

    I’m now a little uncomfortable with what I conjectured.

    Corbyn’s astrophysics involving weather forecasting would have been severely compromised by such ‘man-made’ events.

  14. Tapestry says:

    The point is that HAARP has been constructed with weather modifying capabilities at vast cost by the military, not by the agricultural department. What’s its purpose if not to be used as part of ‘negotiation’?

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