World Cup Host Nation 2018 Assassinates British Citizens With Impunity

Alexander Litvinenko was a British citizen murdered by Russian agents in London, after he revealed that the FSB had placed spies at high level within the EU, and that a former President of the EU Commission, Romano Prodi had been a KGB agent.  The Russian agents wanted to face questions about Litvinenko’s murder by British Police are still free men in Russia, which is the decision of the Russians.  But why has there never been a Coroner’s Court hearing to formally establish Litvinenko’s cause of death?   That is the normal procedure when an unexplained death occurs.

If Russia wants to be seen as a friendly law-abiding country suitable to hold the 2018 World Cup, surely the small matter of the details surrounding Litvinenko’s assassination should be tidied up first.

Gerard Batten MEP (UKIP) is again asking these questions in the European Parliament.  See video below.  The Italian Chair’person’ for the day doesn’t even raise her head while Gerard Batten speaks.  She knows it’s a lot safer to keep her head down when such matters are being raised, and then quickly move on.

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