William Hague’s A Shyster

John Redwood puts a few choice contributions to the debate on the referendum lock Bill on his blog today.  They all point in the same direction, confirming the duplicity of William Hague, the Foreign Secretary.
Here is one extract –
On every area of competence and power that we see drifting away or being transferred from us as we have this debate, we are told, “That would not qualify for a referendum under this legislation.”

I believe that the Foreign Secretary has taken legal advice, and he wants to have a referendum on the transfer of competences rather than on the transfer of powers. I would suggest that that is a tad too clever. We all know that most of the competences have already gone. 

That was what Lisbon was all about. That was why he and I fought tooth and nail, together, against that treaty and in favour of a referendum on the treaty. Most of the things that the Government now wish to do are a shared competence with the European Union. What matters is not a further transfer of competence, but a further grab or transfer of power by the European authorities.
Hague’s position has been eroded by revelations on his private life.  His political position is now clearly identified as that of a fraudulent europhile.  This should be stirring in the gut of all Conservatives that William Hague, the curious child prodigy, is after all not to be trusted.


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  1. Twig says:

    The Tories deny with their mouths what they do with their hands.
    Don’t trust them.

  2. I am not so sure Hague is going to last the course. As you mention, revelations about his private life have not gone away, they are merely on the back burner. I have predicted that he will withdraw from the front bench early next year.

    Belive it or not, WV: Wilim

  3. Tapestry says:

    In the cabinet you can trust Liam Fox, Owen Paterson and IDS. Outside the cabinet there are maybe 100 Conservative MPs who are minded to reduce EU power, to a greater or lesser extent.

    Fox nearly made in it 2005. IDS made it in 2001 but lost it in 2003. The Party could still swing against Hague.

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