The Fed Loses Its Cred

hattip – Jim Corr

One man’s view of The Fed, which agrees with the cartoon’s assessment –

Just like the Communists who could never figure out who was directing the industrial success of the United States, conventional analysts keep trying to identify the “directors” that make everything in the markets and the economy happen, but the only actual director is the behavioral dynamic that governs human interaction

Every attempt at control, whether by communists, fascists, socialists or central bankers, can only misdirect energy and resources, thereby impeding the efficiency of the self-organizing process. So macroeconomic policies are not merely impotent, they are counterproductive. 

Bob Prechter.

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One Response to “The Fed Loses Its Cred”

  1. Grubshaw says:

    By all means return to the Tory party if yoiu think that their take on the economic situation is that of the maker of this amusing little video.
    But I think they are a damp bunch of broken reeds.
    I love Nigel(Loudmoutn)Farage’s abrasive style, but he may be a bit flaky in some departments …
    Why not try the BNP?

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