The Voice Of Anonymous

Anonymous writes on the internet every day a million times, in comments on blogs and journals mostly.  Here we have the organisation known as Anonymous, which works behind the scenes to expose the doings of the secretive One World Government, New World Order, talking about the Wikileaks exposures relevant to 911.

It’s different.

In one uncoded secret services communication, all the pupils from one High School in New York, Stuyvesant, were ordered to be removed from the city centre on 911.  Why?

The School is only one block from the World Trade Center.

Copy ‘Tribeca Bridge Tower, New York, NY, United States’ into Google Maps and scroll in to see how close the school is.  Just one block from the WTC.

And imagine while you’re doing that, that it’s a parallel of what is happening, as Anonymous assumes the lead in the electronic investigation into the events of 911, gradually moving the microscope closer and closer in onto the people who put 911 into effect.  Wikileaks has a few problems right now.  Anonymous might be worth keeping an eye on.

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