Victims Of One World Government

In California, 700 homes are repossessed every day, and 50% of all homes on the market are repossessions.  This clip shows the house clearance teams in action. They find houses with meals cooking, left as if on the spur on the moment with nothing taken, all personal possessions abandoned.  It seems like a financial and human disaster taking place on a vast scale.

The cause was the Basel 2 banking rules, created for the whole of the world’s banks and lenders by the Bank Of International Settlements in Basel.  It was obvious if banks were instructed to lend to people who couldn’t afford to take on the debts that the market would first boom and then crash.  These are the victims of that madness.  But was it madness?  More likely it was because the world’s Central banks know that the more people, corporations and governments are in their debt, the more powerful they become.  This is a game of power, matching other schemes of the OWG like the Iraq War, where the normal rules are thrown away.

Millions suffer while the usual restraints which should come from democratic government to prevent improper use of power, get overriden.  The message is that government from a world elite so powerful they can override democratic governments through corruption, coercion, media control or assassination, has become incredibly dangerous and unstable.  The way back to normality where the interests of ordinary people are considered at all seems far away at this moment in time.  The first problem is that most people don’t understand that national governments are being overridden, so they are not alert to what is happening to them and why.

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  1. Atlas shrugged says:

    Dear Tap

    I draw your attention to something you included in your last posting.

    The real terrorists, the governments who carried out 911 and 7/7 murdering their own people, are raising the level of chatter. That means they are up to something.

    You do not improve your case by getting the facts a little twisted, to say the least.

    You see, by using the word governments, you start people thinking of people like Tony Blair, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and George Bush.

    This only serves to confuse people, as they will not, for very sensible reasons believe that brain dead, virtually powerless people such as these could possibly have anything over much to do with what is indeed mass murder of their own people.

    You have to virtually divorce the democratic process, therefore the elites puppets from the people who are really running the show.

    After all, are we seriously to believe that the likes of complete idiots such a George piss head Bush, could even posses the imagination, never mind the intellect or power to pull off something like 9/11, or anything like it?

    To lie convincingly a politician must be able to believe their own lies. The best way to do this is for him or her to personally believe that they are telling almost, or the complete truth.

    Therefore it is important that a president, for example is kept in almost as much dark as the rest of us. Otherwise it is very possible that they will drop their bottle at the first sign of things not going totally according to plan.

    Also important that the puppet is a coward, who knows only too well that if he asks too many questions, especially of the wrong sorts of people, he may soon be doing a JFK type exit into oblivion.

    Have no fear the proverbial THEY, are always up to something. However that something is only known on a strictly need to know basis.

    Conspiracies do not have to involve many people. This includes conspiracies as important as 9/11. This in the same way that a chairman of a large corporation can do all types of things to his own company, like for example deliberately bankrupting it, without even the other board members seeing the whole picture or even a sizable part of it.

    Please be reminded that if that were not clever enough that, the lie is different at every level of the pyramid. Therefore not even the head of The CIA, MOSSAD or MI6 knows more then a tiny bit of the story, and even that is most likely not entirely correct either.

    Lower Middle managers such as presidents and prime ministers therefore, do not need to know anything at all, other then which way up they should hold their script.

    Which is why they generally don’t know more then their own shoe size, and often not even that much.

    You are also wrong to believe that this is in anyway a new thing.

    We have NEVER been actually run by anything to do with voting, elections or indeed parliaments. The whole concept of representative democracy was an illusion right from before the very start.


    The lie is enormous, while the conspirators are very small in number.

    Like a certain 1930’s German propaganda minister once alluded to. The biggest lies are the most easy to get away with. While big conspiracies always tend to attract too many loose tongs.

    On topic.

    The same sort of thing can, and should be said about deliberately created economic, and property market booms and busts, but of course won’t be anywhere worth it being so.

  2. Tapestry says:

    It is interesting to explore the mental state of governments which permit ‘inside job’ terror acts to be committed, or acts of financial terrorism like Basel 2.

    One of the advantages of secret conspirators is that it is hard to know exactly which people are part of it and how much each actually knows. Is there a pinnacle in a single hierarchy within the conspiracy, or is there are a great muddle of actors trying to each work to their own advantage?

    I tend to the latter view.

    If a Kennedy were brave enough to tackle the ‘Order’ or what might more accurately be termed the disorder, he would need 90% support from his people and from his party to survive and be strong enough to reset the terms of the power relationships between the conspiracy governments (they are plural as I see it), and the conventional government.

    Those circumstances would not come about until more people can see what is happening. The availability of electronic communications has vastly increased the capacity of international entities vis a vis national entities. Yes the tendency for power to vest in the executive parts of government, and other secretive networks, has always been there, but occasionally the democratic parts of the system have reordered the arrangements.

    The internet and computing have increased the scale of the Disorder, but they could, if harnessed, assist in the process of reordering – as a way to get round the MSM.

    Thank you for seeing the weakness in my arguments, AS. In explaining the situation to people who don’t even think there is any conspiracy, I feel the word ‘government’ is as good a starting place to try to convey the point that acts believed to be those of terrorists are not so.

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