UKIP’s Candidate For Oldham Byelection Speaks

Normally Youtube is the avenue where we see Farage hammering away at Von Rompuy, but today another UKIP fella, the deputy leader, Paul Nuttall is having a turn, being sent around by email.  I got the link from Colin, a regular sender-in of material to The Tap.  Paul Nuttall is also the candidate for the Oldham byelection in January, where David Cameron has advised his activists to back off in favour of the Lib Dems.

Paul Nuttall speaks well, but what’s happened to his hair?   He’s not an admirer of Hague, is he?  For some reason it is currently believed that successful politicians need hair, but does the track record of history indicate that to be true?  How many successful baldies were there?  Let’s think.  Julius Caesar and Napoleon, for a start.

That’s a possibility for Paul Nuttall.  The new Caesar cutting a swathe through the provinces.

It’s good to hear a Scouse accent in politics for a change.  The accent of The South East is too dominant in the main three parties, with Hague and Pickles the token Northerners for the Conservatives, and with Labour and Lib Dem sounding more public school by the week.  Now Prescott and Charles Kennedy have been sidelined, they’ve all merged to become indistinguishable.

In the clip Paul Nuttall has a ding dong with a Lib Dem climate convert over the outcome of Cancun.  It’s not a Farage burial job.  He more nudges the climate fanatics slowly and purposefully towards the exit, as he thinks well on his feet.

NB new Angus Reid poll giving Lib Dems 9%, Cons 35% and Labour 41%.  If UKIP were to keep going up as they have been doing (3 to 5% in November), they could very soon hold the balance of power.  Lib plus Cons are only 3% clear of Labour.  UKIP should be surging to 10% , overtaking the Lib Dems and suddenly the balance of political power in Britain will be changed.  Now is the moment to strike, Paul.

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