Swine Flu Vaccine Poisoning Millions Of People Worldwide

My neighbour just called in for a chat.  Her mother had the swine flu jab recently and since the jab has developed arthritic symptoms and is talking of having a wheelchair as a way to cope.  My advice after seeing people suffering from toxic loads in the same hospital I visit in London, is for her mother to sweat out the dose of poison she received in her vaccination in an infra red sauna.  My neighbour said that her mother had a sauna recently and claimed it made he feel better for a day or so.

The local papers often have stories of people who believe they’ve been damaged by the vaccine.

From Breakspear Medical Bulletin (My headline above)
Health watchdogs are warning there may be a link between the sf vaccine and increased risk of developing Guillain Barre Syndrome .  The Daily Telegraph reports on the 18th October 2010 of this association, now being investigated.  This is another disease of the nervous system (like narcolepsy) and it can lead to paralysis.  It is fatal where it paralyses the respiratory system.

Of course the regulators deny any association between stuffing mercury into humans and its likely effects on their nervous systems.  

The Medicines and Health Care Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) spokesman said ,’The position was and remains that there is no confirmed evidence that the vaccines are a casue of GBS.’

This video below implies that the damage to human health is not unintentional, let alone the huge profits the vaccine manufacturers have been able to make on the back of the non-existent swine flu scare.  One doctor says that the mercury used as a preservative in the vaccine is one of the most toxic substances he knows, and he is at a loss as to why it is being injected into human beings, including young kids, who are believed to develop autism from such substances.


ALSO – Sent in by Derek in comments below –


Thirty seconds of black screen is followed by an hour of the best medical advice you will get anywhere in the world ever.  Its theme is ‘Dying By Suicide’.

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  1. Derek says:

    Thanks for that video Tap. Yourself and readers might also like to consider the following website of information on Vaccines, and a one hour twenty two minute presentation by Dr Stan Monteith on planned genocide, essential listening.



  2. Anonymous says:

    The idea of using mercury poisoning as a means of control is probably the best explanation yet of why we are forced to use these these stupid useless light bulbs.

  3. kamagra says:

    Any injection is first of all should be tested properly then It should be used. otherwise one has to face this kind of problems.

    Smith Alan

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