Supreme Court Vandalised. Excellent.

The Blair castration of British democracy is total. First the ways to rig elections were made available, and in 2005 record postal voting in marginal constituencies ensured that Blair won a third term. Nothing has been done to close the loopholes since.
In fact proxy voting has been decontrolled as well. Proxy Voting is now a ‘signature only’ affair enabling millions of these to be acquired by any political party that knows how.
That, you have to remember, means by the judges.
But who appoints the judges? And who hears appeals against their decisions now The Law Lords are no longer in existence?
Sir Thomas Legg is 74 years old and has been involved in the appointment of judges for the last 20 years, being broadly in favour of dropping merit as the criterion of appointment, and instead, promoting women and ethnic minorities. He stated,

the appointment of judges is properly a political act, in the broadest sense of the term, and I think it should be done by a political authority.

So I agree with the Government (The Blairs) in preferring a ‘Recommending’ Commission. I think the Commission should give the Secretary of State a real choice, for which he should take a real responsibility. And for my part I think it should always be the Secretary of State – the opportunity should be taken to eliminate the Prime Minister from all appointments below the new Supreme Court, except perhaps that of the Lord Chief Justice.

It seems that someone who is deciding who appoints the judges, and is also permitted to put one over on MPs as regards managing the expenses scandal, is an exceedingly powerful person. His association with Derry Irvine Lord Chancellor is the source of his position, and Irvine was Blair’s man.

Those, such as The Daily mail, who hope the courts will act as a fair arbiter to decide who has actually won a rigged election might well be disappointed. The same people who rigged the election, first rigged the courts by appointing judges according to well-defined political beliefs.
Britain’s political stitch-up was organised and put into effect over more than a decade by the Blairs, including the removal of The Law Lords as the final court of appeal. They were replaced by The Supreme Court, which is not a supreme court at all. Appeals against its decisions can only go to the European Court in Brussels. The EU is unlikely to find in favour of a eurosceptic Cameron.
It will take more than two days to unstitch the great stitch-up. Starting to do so seconds in front of an election is probably a little late. Once the election is over The Daily Mail and the BBC will get back to business as usual currying favour with government. Electoral fraud will be buried and forgotten once more, just as it was in 2005.
while the rest of the country heads for the sewer. EU Referendum sums it up nicely as usual with details of actual election rigging cases.
All of this, of course, is shutting the stable gate after the horse has bolted. The pathetically weak checks on voter registration have now allowed a situation where the counts in a number of constituencies will be suspect. These are matched by a pathetically weak Electoral Commission which is reduced to bleating that newly introduced checks are “working”.

However, it is perhaps unfair to complain that this should be the case. Since our economy is rapidly being reduced to third-world status, and whole areas of the country are being turned into third-world ghettos, it is somewhat appropriate that we should have the voting system that goes with the more general mess.

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