Remember The 1920’s. Easy Loans. Big Debts. Then The Depression.

The world will never be rid of bankers.  But the world needs to get control back from these people and their buddies within the military industrial complex, who carry out false flag terrorism and try to start wars as the most profitable enterprise known to man.  Governments at war have an insatiable demand for money and will pay nice fat interest charges like 30% per annum.   Great depressions are another way bankers make the really big money.  First they flood the world with loans and get everyone into debt bidding up crazy prices.  Then they get prices to crash before they clean up buying everything at bargain basement prices.  It’s as simple as A,B,C.  Just watch.

I found this video on Jim Corr’s blog.  It’s very good.  I’m not sure I agree with all its historical explanations, but as regards the relationship between banking and politics, it’s spot on.  It shows how the power of money is greater than the power of words.  Once the US had given away the right to print money into private hands, namely the Rothschilds, who were behind the Fed, the country’s politicians were no longer in control.  Every President who tried to stand up against the power of the bankers was either assassinated or was lucky to survive assassination attempts.  It’s a good way to pass twenty minutes absorbing this stuff, and it helps to explain how the American government and other governments have lost control of their economies.  And it suggests that, if you’re considering taking out a loan, it might be better to wait.

Sorry about the intro music.  It’s nothing to do with the videos production, just the id intro of the nutter who posted it onto the net.

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