Rebellion Brewing Against Cameron And Hague

UKIP surging always destabilises Tories

Rebellion from the backbenches against Cameron isn’t far away.  The government’s weakest link is not the Cameron/Clegg axis which by all accounts is going well.  It’s Cameron’s relationship with his own backbenchers.  The 1922 Committee meeting yesterday was explosive by all accounts, to the point of threatening Cameron.

Recent voting in the Chamber has shown 37 MPs voting against the government over the EU, with more than that number abstaining.  There are enough rebels to launch a leadership challenge against Cameron.  The motivation is there.  All it would take would be a turn of events which triggers the action, a spark.

Maybe Jeremy Cunt could provide one.  The BBC obviously sees him as a threat, for some reason.

Although, more likely, the necessary events will be provided by the eurozone.  The US is pumping tax cuts and QE out into the financial system, trying to delay the financial crisis, buying time for the EU to put its house in order.  But Germany doesn’t want to be lumbered with carrying the rest of the continent in perpetuity. There is simply too much to carry.  Mrs Thatcher’s tactic of talking the EU into rapid expansion might have done just enough to sink the project.

Conservative backbench MPs will be ready to move if the cracks start appearing.  If the Euro goes, so does half the EU.  So probably do Cameron and Hague.  No wonder they are such good Europeans.

There is another alternative.
UKIP is surging.  They’ve shot from 3% at the election to 5% now.  See YouGov.

If UKIP surges on to around 7%,  Conservative eurosceptics should abandon Cameron and Hague and amalgamate with UKIP to form the UKCP.  The EUCP/Lib Dem Coalition would be finished, and UKCP the largest party within twelve months.

The vibrations of backbench anger are reported in measured terms on John Redwood’s blog as follows –

Conservative MPs did not want to vote for a referendum on the Alternative Vote, a system they dislike. Many did not want a reduction in the number of MPs and the boundary changes that entails so soon after winning their seats for the first time. They did not want to support the increased External Action Service of the EU or the expanded EU budget. They did not like the 5 year Parliament  bill, the increase in the EU and Overseas Aid budgets nor some of the defence cuts.

                         This week is the week when many of the new MPs on the Conservative side have decided they want change in the way they are treated and in the balance of policies put forward by the government. I think they will give the government its HE Bill, but they are also putting down markers about the problems that worry them.

                         These three developments certainly make Parliament interesting again.
If they don’t get concessions from Hague and Cameron, something will have to give.  Hague is injured material these days, and is not going to be such a big figure as he was, moving ahead.

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16 Responses to “Rebellion Brewing Against Cameron And Hague”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cameron is owed nothing. Stuff him.
    I sincerely hope you are right.

  2. Anonymous says:

    But look how weak the UKIP vote is among younger people. This is a serious long term problem for them which they must address.
    Given that Farage is one of the very few politicians who is a straight talker and comes across as sincere I suspect he is worried by this. They need to dump the swivel eyed crackpot image.

  3. Tapestry says:

    It would not be difficult to make the party attractive to generation Y. It is a baby boomer, plus silent generation party so far. The baby-busters, X and Y and the Facebook generation need bringing aboard. It’s only technique.

  4. Atlas Shrugged says:

    Dear Mr Tap

    Please try your best not to let wishful thinking get in the way of the more rational variety.

    The elite work on the young. This is why they took over the education of all of them many years ago, while perpetually seeking to start their indoctrination processes at an ever more early age. At least they wait until the little things are potty trained, before injecting their poison into their over trusting innocent minds. However do not expect this situation to continue for much longer.

    Even as far back as the early sixties when I started school my younger teachers were already teaching the dubious merits of a European superstate, when not also those of statist corporate socialism in general.

    These things are DELIBERATELY started in our great universities and then move down towards our teaching training schools. By the time our kids leave primary school much of the brain damage is already done.

    Co2=MMGW is by now imprinted in the conscious as well as the sub-conscious minds of our young. As is also the ‘self-evident advantages’ of an ever growing fascist state, socialism in general, as well wholly fascist concepts such as mankind is by definition worse then a dangerous animal in all respects, especially to the future prospects of our ruling elites very own planet.

    You can only fight that type of propaganda with much of the same. Our problem is that our entire MSM, and education system without exception, is perfectly infested with what can only be truthfully described as unwitting elite inspired NAZISM.

    I choose my words carefully, in the full knowledge of what Nazism has long since been, is today, and is planned to be in the future.

    You do not do your cause any favors by repeatedly and almost infinitely underestimating the powers you are up against.

    Also, you can not win a war, if you don’t have the slightest clue as to how to even start to win the smallest of battles.

    Even the longest, nay never ending of journey’s begins with a small single step.

    Therefore forget party politics, the whole elite invented con-job that was always democracy can not help us, at least it can’t any time soon. If democracy could ever have helped, the elite would never have allowed us to vote on anything at all,in the first place.

    As conservatives we all know as sure as eggs is eggs that revolutions violent or otherwise are no good for anyone other then the elites that have historically organized as well as financed ALL of THEM.

    Therefore what are we to do?

    Good question, even if I had to ask it myself.

    In short not much, and certainly not anything even remotely violent.

    However a good start would be to start taking control of our own lives even if the elite desperately want us to do absolutely anything but. This means we must start to educate ourselves, as well as our own children AMAP, while we are still allowed to do so. A simple understanding of what debt slavery is, why it is, and WHO very much deliberately created the whole idea, would help a lot.

    For ONLY the TRUTH can set an individual FREE. The more individuals that are free, the closer humanity gets to freedom.

    There has only ever existed one person who can help you to become free. It is not God, Jesus, or any other creature spiritual or otherwise.

    The only way to find your own personal saviour, as well as your worst possible enemy, is by looking in a mirror.

  5. Tapestry says:

    I agree the controllers believe themselves in an unstoppable position. But people have the ability to perceive and sense. They can identify propaganda to some extent. They just need a compelling alternative narrative to move to a new position.

    Events can provide that. A collapse of the Euro. The growing civil disobedience on the streets can grow and look to find a new directions.

    Don’t talk yourself into defeat. Yes, there is a mountain to climb, and a job to do. Let’s do it.

  6. Atlas Shrugged says:

    Tap I dont think you have fully understood what I was driving at. I have not talked myself into defeat, simply sized up the clearly unstoppable forces that oppose us and come up with the only practical solution that ever really existed.

    You can not beat the system, no one ever has and no one ever will. The only thing you can do is sort out your own shit and hope the habit catches on. The internet helps, but not as much as we may possibly have hopped.

    Positive change is only made from within the individual. There is no point in setting unobtainable goals. Failure is not a good example to set to others especially your own children.

    Be happy with what you have, concentrate on your own happiness and quality of life, instead of following the establishments golden calf half as much, if at all.

    Money is nice but ONLY if it actually improves your personal well being and relationships with others in all respects.

    Leave society as a whole to the people who long since created it to their own designs. If you don’t let them have their own way they we make you let them. It really is that simple, nothing has really changed at all since Norman times, if not much longer then that.

    We can only positively change society as a whole by changing individuals, not by lowering ourselves to the collective levels of our oppressors.

    I doubt that their exists a person more distrustful of the EU and all that goes with it. However in itself The EU can only do damage to our Self, if we allow it to do so.

    Nationalism is dead, and not because of our membership of the EU. Nationalism only ever existed in the first place because our ruling elites thought it would be a golly good idea for them at the time.

    They no longer need nationalism to help motivate us to fight their wars for them, so therefore why should we care to preserve something that they created, and have now chosen to destroy?

    I agree that chaotic events can have positive outcomes,including towards an individuals consciousness. I personally know 3 people who endured the horrors of Polish Concentration camps. Far from making them unhappy people it very much seems to have had the opposite effect.

    However not often, and not for long. In the end, or usually sooner the elite will turn every crisis real, or imaginary, accident or not, act of god, or planned event to their own advantage.

    They always have in the past, and they will always have the power to make sure they always do in the future. This is called civilization, any notable alternative is called anarchy, which is never allowed to exist for long.

    The mirror is where to start. First we must break our own programming, and worry about the rest afterwards. They will follow, if they are worthy and so posses the wits to do so.

    Collectivism, and the ideology of self sacrifice that inevitably goes with it, is the problem, not the solution.

    Ayn Rand may have been all of the extremely nasty things she is reported to have been, however the truth is still the truth all the same, however nasty the message or the messenger.

    Food for thought anyway, I hope.

  7. Tapestry says:

    Excellent piece, Atlas Shrugged. You see oppression and your resistance to it as entirely a personal affair. If they want to murder a few million individuals as the supremely powerful usually do, then that’s all just fine by you and Ayn Rand.

    On one level you are right. Events are bigger than individuals – except occasionally individuals can make events.

    Ask the concentration camp survivors if they want to see it happen all over again. We can never accept totalitarian power, and must try to find ways to stop it from happening. If you know the world is lost into the hands of the powerful, you have to at least cause them some minor inconvenience, using the tools that are at your disposal…like your excellent writing skills.

    The powerful depend on the inertia of the majority. That can turn.

  8. Atlas shrugged says:

    The powerful depend on the inertia of the majority. That can turn.

    Yes very true, but remember the majority follow they do not, because they cannot lead. Whilst even the minority that must ONLY lead by EXAMPLE, not violence or lies of any kind, are made up wholly of individuals. Individuals that are indeed waking up, only far too slowly for my liking.

    You cannot set an example worthy of following to even your own children if you do not already possess the almighty power of love, allied to a high moral rectitude.

    “If they want to murder a few million individuals as the supremely powerful usually do, then that’s all just fine by you and Ayn Rand.”

    Not at all as I fully expect the next round to include myself.

    As for my friends.

    I have already asked them many questions, that one included.

    None of them want to see it happen again, therefore it is just as well they are all over 90.

    However they have little doubt that it will happen again, and even less as to why, if indeed it does.

    They know, as I do that the ideology that caused, as well as the powers that facilitated the last Holocaust, are still very much with us today.

    As for Rand.

    Quite frankly I could not care less what the psychopath would have wanted or not. Although I doubt very much that she would think picking on exclusively Jews was in anyway fine, as you say. She would have been perfectly happy wiping out anyone without a visible means of supporting themselves, Jew, black, white or anything else.


    Rand was clearly not a nice human being, if indeed she was a human being at all. Her obvious high intellect and ideas had much merit. Rand herself had very little indeed, while the company she kept had very much less then none whatsoever.

    It is not my fault that Ayn Rand named her best seller, after something I have a habit of doing every now and again.

  9. Tapestry says:

    If you are 90, then shrugging is permitted!

  10. Atlas shrugged says:

    Why do you assume that my friends have to be of a similar age to myself?

    However I won’t hold it against you.

    Old people have always greatly interested me. As a general rule they make many of the young of today seem like perfectly characterless children, or worse in comparison. Young, being people under 50, which is anyone younger then myself.

    Listening to people who have survived through adversity is always a humbling, as well as a highly educational experience.

    However listening to old peoples experiences who have been through the types the 3 I mentioned have, is permanently life changing, to say the least, especially if you first started doing so when you were only 7 years old back in the 1960’s.

    We can only imagine what it must feel like to wake up in the morning to find the man once sleeping next to you, is now deathly cold, and has already had his kidneys ripped out and eaten.

    We can only imagine what it must feel like to know that your value as a human being, is infinitely less then a starving dog, and can be lost at anytime of the night or day.

    To spend years not knowing if you will wake up in the morning, and desperately wishing that you would not.

    To spend day after day after endless day surrounded by death, death, and ever more death, while you are still only a teenager yourself.

    To be unable beyond utter helplessness to do anything about your situation, other then to end your own life as painlessly as you can manage.


    To actually know first hand what it feels like to have no value whatsoever to yourself, and especially your family or anyone else. To know a genuine feeling of envy towards the dirt on the floor, or the shit in the commandants toilet bowl, is therefore a life changing experience to beat all others without exception.


    Please remember the Polish, as well as the German people could do no more to stop what THEY KNEW perfectly well was going on around them, then the Jews could. This unless they desperately wanted to share their fate. Which of course no sane person would.

    When an entire establishment goes psycho on its own people, there is indeed nothing whatsoever the ordinary people can do but pray. This in the full knowledge that there is virtually no chance that anyone is listening, or indeed gives a toss, even if they are.

    I am very sorry if that is all sounds rather depressing, however we could all do with a reality check now and again.

  11. Tapestry says:

    The older generation is well onto the OWG/NWO. How do we persuade the Facebook generation to take an interest? At least in the US the people seem to realise that false flag terror is happening and that freedom is under threat. But they’ve had longer to get used to all this. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. The British experience started in 1997 with Diana.

  12. BRIT says:

    May I make a few comments.First, Poland and the jews. I was raised to believe that the war started because we and the French guaranteed Polands frontiers. I’ve not read anywhere about us declaring war on Russia, who invaded Poland (and took far more than Germany). We also gave the same guarantee to Rumania, but never made a murmur when Russia overran her.
    Because of the port of Danzig,the 2 million Germans and the Polish corridor, Germany requested justifiable access to the Sudetanland, and offered guaranteed frontiers to Poland (Sudetanland was stolen from Germany at the end of the first world war). Mr. Lloyd George in his memorandum to the Peace Conference on 25th March,1919, said that the conditions imposed on Germany were laying the foundations for a future war.
    I don’t have room her to write everything down, but if you could just obtain and read “WHO MAKES OUR MONEY” by F.J.Irsigler, lots of anomalies are explained and the lies of the British Gov’ts since the 1900’s at least are shown for what they are,and, 30yrs after this book was first published, we can see, in retrospect, how true this book is and how time has exposed the lies for what they are.

  13. Tapestry says:

    The Sudetanland was part of Czechoslovakia, I believe, but the point is made. It sounds a good book to get hold of if it’s still available.

    This thread has wandered far!!!

  14. BRIT says:

    Regarding Ukip, surely they were set up to split the Nationalist voters. So many of Ukip policies are from the BNP manifesto, but no mention of what to do with illegals, no mention of re-nationalising the gas,water, electricity, and the railways. Lord Pearson gave the game away when he told Cameron that Ukip would join Tories if he would give a Referendum. Ukip also would continue these illegal wars on the pretext “we must back our boys”. So wrong. The BNP would bring them all home, where they belong. Mind you, the English Democrats are also a “false flag” outfit, put up to split the Nationalist vote.

  15. Tapestry says:

    UKIP have been promoted endlessly by the BBC, etc as they take votes away from the Conservatives.

    They only adopt general policies to get publicity as they only really have one policy – to get Britain out of the EU.

    The BNP doesn’t appeal to Conservative voters so readily and is more a ‘working class’ vote. As it takes its votes more from Labour, it gets the treatment.

  16. BRIT says:

    Believe me, this book is worth every penny of the 10 pounds cost. I am reading it for the 3rd time and still am amazed at so many facts falling into place and strange happenings being explained. Twice I have had to request further supplies from my source, having passed them on to such diverse people from would-be MP’S to Mormon missionaries.It is not widely available, but should you wish to obtain one, please contact me at “” and I will do my best.
    p.s.At Versailles peace conference international financiers took part as official representatives of their respective countries. Among their decisions was “Slovakia was included in Czechoslovakia, together with the territory of 3.5 million Sudenten Germans and half million Hungarians, to reward the Czechs who had betrayed their Emperor and fought with the Russians, Poland was given a corridor dividing Germany in two parts. The German town of Danzig was declared a “Free City” administered by the League of Nations.
    pps. I enjoy reading your comments very much and thank you for showing mine.

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