The One World Exploitation System

They call it The New World Order, and the One World Government.  Those are rather reassuring titles for the actual international network which has come into being, that controls our political systems, defrauds our banks and manipulates the financial markets.  A better term would The One World Exploitation System.

While they operate their games to enrich themselves to the point of military, financial and political world supremacy, they leave devastation in their wake.  They want all the countries of the world to get themselves into impossible levels of debt, which they could never pay off, from which they can derive interest payments in perpetuity on the money Central Banks issue (from nothing).

They carry out acts of false flag terror to persuade otherwise peaceful countries to get across each other, and become bogged down in wars without end, wars focused on acquiring control of the world’s valuable resources.

The real economies of the countries they enslave with debts gradually are ground own with lowered educational standards, rising unemployment, collapsing government revenues and rising levels of violence, and drug-dependency.  Human life is condemned into an awfulness which was hardly conceivable in rich countries even ten years ago.  Yet this is what the OWES desires.

Government assets are acquired by the big business friends of the powerful, so they can raise charges for all utilities and services.  The climate change lies are propagated so that fuel prices can be raised to the roof, and people believe it is fair and reasonable.

Yet underneath everything they do there is a lie.  The lie is that they care one fig for anything other than money and power.  They are equally as manic as Hitler, from that point if view, who also sought world domination, but through military means.  These nameless and secretive people crave power just as greatly, but they have chosen to achieve it by much cheaper psychological methods, through penetration and control of all media (apart from the internet (so far – don’t worry.  They’re trying)), and using that to control the political system.

The financial system they have stripped of all its assets, and brought into unparallelled debt is close to collapse.  In 2008, when Lehmans fell, it very nearly did collapse, but the bailouts from The Fed stopped the worst from happening.  Yet the same leaders who defrauded the system of its trillions are still in place running the world’s financial system today just as they were before, and yet since 2008, the frauds have only got bigger.  They have seen their power grow from bringing the system to its knees and then having the world rushing and begging for it to be saved.

They will no doubt be ready for a repeat performance.  But next time the crash could be too big even for The Fed to contain.  The world’s financial system will crack wide open.  Those on the inside will be into picking up the rest of the world, the part they don’t already own, for a song, while millions starve.

The political system is weakened to the point of idiocy, with, in Britain, Cameron and Clegg obviously sold out to the One World Exploitation System, both put in place with the help of the compliant media.  When the financial system cracks, the government must be ready to keep cash flowing, as the banks reel.  People will need to know that someone is in control as the world gets itself back in order.  A new financial system not dependent on the same people must be set up overnight with the support of the government, and run by the government.  Never again must central bankers be allowed to become so ridiculously wealthy and powerful, and bring the world so low in pursuit of greed.

The secret characters that lurk in the shadows must be dragged out and made to account for themselves, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Murdoch, Prince Charles and all the rest.  It will be the Nuremberg Trials of the OWES. Let’s hope it happens this time before the millions are starved or exterminated in camps.

FURTHER – See the writings of Michel Chossudovsky – author of The Global Economic Crisis and The Globalisation Of Poverty.

In all major regions of the world, the economic recession is deep-seated, resulting in mass unemployment, the collapse of state social programs and the impoverishment of millions of people. The meltdown of financial markets was the result of institutionalized fraud and financial manipulation. The economic crisis is accompanied by a worldwide process of militarization, a “war without borders” led by the U.S. and its NATO allies.
This book takes the reader through the corridors of the Federal Reserve, into the plush corporate boardrooms on Wall Street where far-reaching financial transactions are routinely undertaken.
Each of the authors in this timely collection digs beneath the gilded surface to reveal a complex web of deceit and media distortion which serves to conceal the workings of the global economic system and its devastating impacts on people`s lives.
Michel Chossudovsky is an award-winning author, Professor of Economics (Emeritus) at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal. He is the author of The Globalization of Poverty and The New World Order (2003) and America’s “War on Terrorism” (2005). He is also a contributor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. His writings have been published in more than twenty languages.

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