Non-EU Partners Excluded By English Test As From Today

Shane, my partner.

The government’s latest measures to block immigration were announced today.  For me personally, they are a hammer blow.  I was living for the last few years in the Philippines primarily due to ill health, and am now, with health improving, trying to return to the UK with my partner from there, Shane who I left only two days ago, until February, as we can’t get a visa for even a short trip together to Britain.   

Time was always the barrier in the past.  If you hadn’t spent two years together, then you were not considered even for a tourist visa.  We are now approaching the two year limit and on my next trip there where I still keep a house, where we were living before I had to move back to Blighty, we were confidently looking forward to getting a first visa.  That would have only been for a visit, mind you, but would have been a start.

Then this morning, the British Embassy in Manila circulated the new set of rules which are being put into immediate effect.   These are they –

In effect,

If your partner or wife comes from inside the EU, he/she can have three arms, be an invalid needing 24 hour care, speak no English at all, have a criminal record including murder or extortion, and they come sailing in.  If he or she comes from outside the EU, on the other hand, they will find it almost impossible to gain entry with as many obstacles being erected in their way as bureaucracy can devise.  This was the unwelcome text of this morning’s message –

Non European spouses who want to enter OR REMAIN in the UK as a partner of a British Citizen or a person settled in the UK now require to take an English language test with one of our approved test providers, before submitting their visa application formFurther guidance and a full list of test providers are available at 

The standard of English required is A1, the same as that for anyone hoping to get a job in the UK using technical skills working for a big company.  It is not only harsh.  It is ridiculous.  

You choose your life partner based not on whether they can get into university or have strong technical language skills needed by corporations, but on their human qualities.  But the government, the EU in fact, has now decided that such qualities are not permitted to be taken into account when people choose their life partners, were they so foolish enough as to fall for someone who is not an EU citizen.

I first went to the Philippines in 1988 to visit my uncle who set up what is now Glaxo there (formerly Smithkline), and have spent years there on and off since as my health has required.  It has been the ideal location to recover from the condition which has affected me for over twenty years now.  It is hardly surprising I have found a partner while I am there.  She has good school level English, and I understand a lot of her language too.  She is studying English, but the idea was only to get to tidy up her grammar a bit as many Filipina have a few things they can easily correct once they know, but A1 is a whole other level.  My mother wouldn’t pass it, for a start, with her colonial spelling, and half the country’s graduates who also don’t know how to spell. 

A1 English for Shane is unnecesary.  It will take a considerable amount of study and probably waste another two years of our lives.  I am told by others suffering from these measures in Britain that mothers are being separated from their children by these rules, and wives/partners who have been in the UK for years are being sent home.  There is nothing in the newspapers, or on the TV about it.  We should not be proud of what is being done in our name.  Mothers and partners are qualified by love, not by letters.

We live in a brutal country that cares for nothing other than pleasing a bureaucratic organisation in Brussels that has captured and corrupted our political elites and our news media.  I hope their ****** Euro collapses and brings them all crashing down in the same abject misery they are inflicting on millions of others.  

Surely there should be a political response to this from somewhere.  

The Conservatives have given up on anything and everything as they work towards amalgamating their blue with Liberal yellow, and becoming a Vichy subject regime.  I was born in a free country in 1954.  It is tragic to see all the freedoms we once enjoyed lost to the criminality of a fanatical bureaucracy beyond anyone’s control.

People in Britain are not too bothered of course,  being sick of the millions who have been let in to the country from all over the shop, and who have no connection to anyone in the country to begin with.  The criminals will keep getting people in as before, though.  The only people who will be kept out will be those who obey the law and have families to be separated from.

How did such a situation come about? 

The Daily Express won’t give a toss.  Immigration is all one to the tabloids. 

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14 Responses to “Non-EU Partners Excluded By English Test As From Today”

  1. Sue says:

    That’s horrible and cruel. Decisions should be based on individual cases.

  2. Twig says:

    If you married in the Phils would she be granted a visa to settle here?
    Or could you employ her as a “carer”? that might fit with the current mindset of the idiots that are currently in charge of UK immigration.

    The Tory policy is a panic reaction to Labour’s open door policy. It should be based on the likely benefit to the UK and whether the applicant has the means to support themselves, rather than just quotas and caps.

    Look at the rubbish that is allowed to remain in the UK.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Twig, I am a Philippine resident, but for various reasons my son aged 3 lives in the UK, so I want to come back to be with him. I was/am very happy living over there, but my son likes the faster pace of the UK!

    As a carer I would have to pay her the full rates. But it wouldn’t be true. I am not an invalid in that sense. My condition is a weak nervous system caused by agricultural insecticide sprays absorbed during childhood on my dad’s dairy farm. I am far better than I was after five years of treatment and 100% retirement, and spending time living at the slower pace and keeping to the strict medical regime.

    Complicated or what!

    All I want is to keep my family unit together as we move to the UK, which is a decision taken in the round taking everyone’s best interests into account, but the EU is deciding to make that as impossible as they can. I decided to come back here in August 2009. I’ve been back for four visits since then, and the yo-yoing will continue, it seems, for a lot longer.

    My son will be grown up before we get a visa at this rate. How that is helping anybody defeats me? It’s just that the rules are now the rules whereas once you could appeal to the better judgement of the Embassy. That is no longer possible as it’s all decided by Brussels, and our own Embassies have washed their hands.

  4. Twig says:

    I feel your frustration.

    A Filipino friend once said to me that when dealing with bureaucracy that “there’s the correct way of doing things and then there’s the right way to do things…”?

    I think the UK has more in common with the Phils that most people would believe (and of course I’m not talking about the weather!)
    I’ll say no more.

  5. Stuart Fairney says:

    I know the teat you refer to, it’s bloody tricky. My wife is an immigrant of many years standing. Anyway her mother, for reasons of education not residency was taking the test and she asked me for some advice on the homework. Now I did get an English O level a million years ago and a degree more recently, but I did get some of the homework wrong. So you are right, it is needlessly complex.

    I would also wonder just how many kids with GCSE English would pass tis test, let alone those without!

  6. Don says:

    I am totally aware of just how cruel and unjust this government can be. I am British born and a citizen.

    I lived with my partner [in the UK]who is a Philippine born lady. She became pregnant, whilst pregnant, she returned home to look after her father who was ill, whilst at home she gave birth to our baby daughter – now one year old. Our daughter has been given a British passport and can return to this country but her mother my partner can not, so I can not live with or see my partner and child.
    The Berlin Wall has been rebuilt by Britain, never to be pulled down again.
    I have shown my own name, I am not ashamed to let people know how inhumanely people can be treated in this supposed democracy.
    This Government has now condemned me to a life of agony torment

    Don Hooker

  7. Tapestry says:

    Don’t give up the battle, Don. Move and live there, maybe.

    Or find other ways. Maybe move to Greece or Italy where things are not so brutal as Britain.

  8. Twig says:

    Isn’t this covered by the right to family life under the HRA?

  9. Tapestry says:

    Regretfully not.

    A1 English is required for any form of ‘partner’ visa. Why that is is unknown.

    The English Test has to be passed to achieve residence. If you are a mother and fail the test, you can be separated from your kids and husband – or the other way about.

    The can’t stop illegal immigration, and asylum, or EU immigration, so they stop non-EU legal immigration instead.

  10. Twig says:

    The sooner we get some UKIP MPs the sooner we’ll get some common sense back into government.

  11. Tapestry says:

    That and a Conservative leadership leaning the UKIP way, in a coalition government.

    Did you see the BNP candidate ejected by the Police from the hustings in Oldham? Really shocking. He wasn’t even allowed to speak. Very dangerous.

  12. Twig says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Tapestry says:

    wrong thread, Twig, can you shift it?!!

  14. cb007cb says:

    Well spoken my friend you now know why this government and the uk border agency are totally corrupt by process!!!No wonder the illegals come flooding in they cannot get here legally because of the rules and prices!!!Im ashamed of the English government as they rip the people off more and more each year!!!I will be happy when the Country falls due to government greed!!!!!!

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