No Wonder Brits Don’t Get 911

From Jim Corr’s Blog.  The above video is an extract from a TV documentary, which demonstrates the BBC did not present the evidence that the official 911 version was subject to many questions.  Bin Laden denied he was behind the attacks.  Some suspected Arab hijackers were claimed to be still alive a week after 911.  There are many other curious facts in the full length programme broadcast on BBC5 –    

The film shows that the BBC, in an earlier broadcast on 911, was carrying out Co-Intel-Pro, as described by Jim Corr –

Part of the purpose of Co-Intel-Pro is to plant disinformation in our minds so as to steer us away from the truth and hopefully make us go back to sleep. It was set up in the 60’s during the Vietnam War and is still very much alive today.

The BBC documentary “The Conspiracy Files” is a good example of this. Their first in the series on 9/11 was a blatant hit piece which had fourteen “debunkers” challenging three 9/11 truthers.

Watch David Shayler’s (ex MI6) debunking of this on google video, just search for“911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy”. Their recent programme in the same series on the collapse of “Building Seven” did more to raise rather than suppress suspicion.
The History Channel’s hit piece on 9/11 (Why the towers fell) is another good example. You will build up a certain immunity to dis-info as you go along. You will meet the paid Co-Intel-Pro dis-info trolls on most popular truth site forums and in the comments sections after various MSM truth articles.

As most Brits can’t get 911, they certainly can’t take in 7/7.  One step at a time.  Brits need to go back and think about 911.  Was the official version correct?  The full BBC5 programme is very thorough.

If you want to see a similarly thorough analysis of the evidence about 7/7, then here is the same crew on that –

I have tried to write about this in the comments on and was surprised to be threatened with being banned if I ever mentioned 911 or 7/7 again.  There seems to be a mental blank amongst many British people about these events.

RAENORTH wrote:Tap. One more mention of 9/11 on this thread or this forum and it is instant ban. You are O/T – you have been asked not to go O/T and you have already been asked not to refer to 9/11 on this forum.

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