Mr Synista Becomes Mr Mynista

Researching about the New World Order, simply by surfing around the net, you find endless examples of evil and human suffering.  It’s potentially massively depressing to look at evil too long and you need a strong mental constitution to take it all on.  So it is nice occasionally to stumble across a story where things work out the other way, where evil loses the battle for once.

The music industry is full of bad goings-on, where big idols are captured by big money, and, as they say, they trade their souls to the devil – literally.  Michael Jackson was fighting to break free from the music industry prison that surrounded him, where powerful secretive elements were using him to their purposes.  If he was killed, and many believe that he was, it was because he was breaking free, or trying to.

Before thinking any further about Michael Jackson, it’s worth watching My Mynista talking about his break from the devil, when he found himself surrounded by the music industry’s money and power men closing in, and he rejected them before he got ensnared.

Well it is Sunday!

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