Mackerel Quit The EU

Commentators talk of countries quitting the Euro, and some of quitting the EU, like Jim Corr advocating Ireland’s total independence from Brussels.   But until recently no one imagined a breed of fish would be the first to succeed in doing that.  People like Jim should be taking encouragement from the case of the mackerel.

Jim Corr Of The Corrs.  He’s been saying Ireland should ‘Run Away’ for years.

The fish has decided to change its habitat and has moved its migration route outside EU territorial waters to the North and the West, causing chaos to the Common Fisheries Policy.

It might be called ‘voting with your fins’.
Can you blame the mackerel?  If I had endless countries arguing over who was going to eat me,  a bit like Ireland does at this moment, I would move further away to a place where I could escape such awkward and numerous predators.

Maybe the symbol for EU independence movements in Ireland and elsewhere should become that of the most independent-minded of fish – the mackerel.   Ukippers should certainly find that idea appealing.

UKIPper – Nigel Farage.
NY Times
The problem centers on a valuable food fish that has suddenly changed its habits. For reasons not completely understood by scientists but thought to involve temperature and climate, the Atlantic mackerel has begun stretching its migration route farther north and west in just the last few years, entering the territorial waters of Iceland in spring and summer to fatten up and providing a bonanza to Icelandic fishermen.
Iceland, which has a population of 300,000, had not fished mackerel in many decades, and its emergence as a major participant in the catch has put stress on a clubby and generally stable arrangement…. 
(!!!!!please read between the lines here!!!!),
… which quotas are divided mainly between Norway, the Faroe Islands and the European Union nations of Ireland, Britain, Denmark and the Netherlands.
With no agreement on new quotas – which would require the “established” mackerel nations to relinquish some of their tonnage — Iceland has unilaterally awarded itself a 17 percent share of the total allowable catch. That worked out this year to 130,000 tons and will be 146,000 tons of the overall 2011 catch of 672,000 tons.

Excuse me.  Iceland is an independent country, and is entitled to fish her own waters, which is a hard concept for the OWG New York Times to understand, I appreciate.  They think the EU actually owns the fish, as they do the Irish people.

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