London Bombings Set Up By Intelligence Services

This video is a bit long but the bit that covers the London bombings is in the first section and is very well worth watching.  The interview with David Shayler is important.  Michael Meacher is interviewed.  And others.  The Jean Charles De Mendez murder at Stockwell is covered.  The video suggests he knew something about the London bombings, and had to be eliminated.

I love the phrase from Alex Jones used later on in this video that the objective of this war is ”getting the people to love their own enslavement”, that the war is 90% psychological.  The free peoples of the world are the primary target, not Moslems hiding in caves.

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  1. Derek says:

    Good program. Quite an omnibus of sequences with a common thread.

    Menenzes was a contract electrician. Who he worked for, and where he worked, is information that I’m told is not available. Why? What is so secret that an electricians tasks cannot be revealed. Was he nervous about his visa, or something else?

    Worth watching the entire one hour fifty two minutes – even after the end credits.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Menenzes (?) died because he knew something.

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