Lib Dem Majority Would Quit The EU

Two items on Open Europe today give you the story of the Lib Dems and the EU.  The first item indicates that a majority of Lib Dems would vote to quit the EU now.  For a party that is committed to permanent membership and getting rid of the Pound, this a significant mismatch between those in power and those who elect them.

A new Angus Reid poll shows that, in the event of a referendum on the UK’s EU membership, 48% of Britons would vote in favour of leaving the EU and 27% would vote to stay in. The results also indicate that 42% of Lib Dem voters and 36% of Labour voters would now vote for the UK to pull out. The poll found that 80% would vote in favour of keeping the pound. (Angus Reid, 6 December)

The second item is a Wikileaks item showing that the Lib Dems reneged on their electoral promise of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty as they knew Britons would reject the Treaty.  Here is yet more evidence of the value of LIb Dem electoral promises.

A United States diplomatic cable leaked by Wikileaks shows that “senior” Lib Dems “confessed” to US officials that they abstained on the vote to hold a referendum on Lisbon because the party leadership believed “a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty would fail.” (Open Europe blog Guardian, 15 December)

Some of the informal spin coming out of Westminster to eurosceptics is that the Lib Dems will tire of the EU once they find that there is little they can do as part of government to change anything.  There seems little evidence for this optimism.  All the signs point the other way.  That’s why UKIP must surge to 10% and hold the electoral balance of power.

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