Ireland Should Copy Iceland, Says Jim Corr

Ireland is the victim of a corporate takeover, brought about by a top-down engineered financial crash.  Ireland should default, burn the bondholders, launch its own currency and run its own central bank.  The farmers should get back to work.  The fishing industry has been decimated, and would be worth billions if brought back outside the EU.  Ireland has huge oil reserves off the west coast, which have been given away to Shell.  These should be nationalised.

A brilliant interview.  Ireland should quit the EU and the Euro.

Same message from another RT broadcast – focused on Greece, but relevant to the whole world.  A Talk Radio Show focuses of the deliberate scheme to enslave country after country through engineering a financial crash.  This clip shows riots from different countries including the student riots in Britain which were nothing to do with the Euro (or maybe they were!), and is an example of a near propaganda against the Euro, but powerful nonetheless.

and finally here is a TV chat lifted from (hattip) which shows the level of anger in Ireland.  ‘We should be freezing their bank accounts.  We should be seizing their houses’  and ‘They should be shot’ in a newspaper headline.  ‘these people are financial terrorists’ and so on.  Amazing stuff.  This anger, you could safely predict, will not be going away.

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