The Government’s Assets Are Being Taken Over By Businesses

The one world government is forming public private partnerships, which means that businesses, allied to the one world government programme, acquire public assets, and are able to charge for providing the service, once provided by government, such as water, sewerage and so on, and bill people.   Government control of these assets inevitably reduces, and people cannot do much if the costs of the services rise.  Think of why utilities in Britain are now double and more the cost they used to be.

The only way to get control back would be through the political system, but that is compromised, as the people who make it to lead political parties, and win elections, are chosen through other one world government connections.

This journalist who died this year at 61 years old, of cancer, had attended 108 global meetings in her career and had decoded the cryptic terms used to explain the purposes of those inside the one world government.  She talks gradually, but gets the picture across.   People need to understand what the programmes are, if they are going to oppose them.  The talk is not about the UN depopulation plan as the youtube billing suggests.

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