The Government Wants Your Kids

I nearly jumped out of the bath on when I read about Frank Field’s child poverty report, 
which The Times claims has the support of the Prime Minister. It recommends children should have compulsory tests in ‘cognitive, physical and emotional behaviour’ and that parents themselves should be tested on how much time they spend reading to their child, teaching them the alphabet and helping them to make friends.
Most galling of all, it recommends mothers be assessed on their mental health and whether they ‘bond well with their children.’
Now, he may be a maverick, but Frank is a still a Labour man so this statist, intrusive, blatantly fascist document does not in itself surprise me. What shocks and appalls me is that it has the backing of a supposedly Conservative prime minister.
Where are those Conservative backbenchers when we need them?  Come on, lads.  Into action!!
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