Gold Is The New Slavery

Many commenters on the internet see gold as the route to political freedom, the way to be free of the defects of fiat currency.  Yet gold is the opposite.  The central bankers have decided to manipulate the price skywards as they already own most of the world’s reserves.  Their power grows with every $1 that gold rises, and those who don’t have metal are increasingly dispossessed.

The normal buyers of gold are sidelined – jewelry makers etc.  ETFs have gone cold as the metal has risen so far.  Speculators are tiring, yet still the price rises without end.

People who see gold as the route to freedom are mistaken.  National currencies backed by democracy will set us free.  A gold-based monetary system controlled by central banks puts the central banks into power over us all, and democracy is bypassed.

Remember this from Henry Kissinger –

Those who understand the way of the world and the Dark Power that has the Earth and its people in a Satanic Grip know that nothing happens by accident. Nothing in politics or in the financial markets happen spontaneously. Everything is planned and orchestrated including the Global Financial Crisis. It is designed to bring the financial system into ruin and the world into chaos so that a “new financial order,” a New International Order can be created under the direct and absolute control of the Invisible Money Power. In other words, the looting of the world economy by the Power Elite is a prelude to the coming World Bank and World Currency of the coming World Government.

Henry Kissinger interviewed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange aired on CNBC on Jan. 5, 2009.

The new SDR or common world currency is said (by Joan Veon, inter alia) to be an amalgamation of the major currencies with an element of gold added.  As few individual countries have enough gold to be able to supply such a currency, the OWG will be able to operate a monopoly.  In the midst of the coming next leg of a financial crisis, they will have the gold ready to back up their currency, but it needs to have a high value for them to have enough of it.  That’s why the price is being manipulated upwards, as part of the ‘prisonplanet’ programme.  Gold is not an escape from the intended prison.  It is the prison itself. 

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