Flu Jab Increases Alzheimers Risk 1000%

Dr Stan Monteith of Liberty Radio, California makes a mean speech.  This one is long and ranges over history and the present day.  It is full of important information and details which could help people make informed choices about their health and that of their friends and relatives.

One fact jumped out.  Most vaccines contain Thymerisol, which is 50% mercury.  If you are aged 60-65, and have 4 flu shots, you have a 1000% increased chance of developing Alzheimers.

This is not an easy video to watch.  But I suggest that people do.  It’s better to be informed.


A pharmaceutical Tap Blog reader is preparing a critique of Monteith’s assertions.  He sent this in yesterday 31st December 2010.  Monteith quotes his sources so it will be an interesting comeback from someone who used to work within the industry.

Hi Tap,

I am preparing a reply to the Swine Flu Vaccine etc item below.  It will be entitled Post Ergo Propter Hoc – a classic fault of logic.  I’m sure your classical education will enable you to correct my almost non-existent Greek, if necessary.


What To Do

FIRST – Don’t accept flu and maybe other vaccinations.

I would add that health practitioners advise the use of saunas to sweat out as much mercury/other toxic metals as you can.  The best are far infra red saunas, but ordinary hot air will do.  Towel off the sweat or shower it off every ten minutes, or you will reabsorb it.  Do three sessions of ten minutes a day.  Over a year you will get a fair bit out.

Keep it going though as you will never get it all out.

You can have a chelation treatment with EDTA which is expensive and unpleasant to go through.  I found that it removed my lead very quickly, and the mercury was harder to shift.  I sweated for three years and it is now well down.

In a way I was lucky as my illness got me to test and they found various toxic loads, of which mercury was possibly the most significant to my illhealth.  I still sauna as often as I can.


Jim on Biassed BBC writes –

I’m so glad someone else has spotted this ridiculous BBC infatuation with a ‘pending’ flu pandemic. The Today programme earlier in the week was ridiculous. The narrative of the story was that we’re all in for a big flu outbreak (and I’m sure the BBC wil be blaming the coalition) except that the one or two interviewees all said there was nothing to worry about. 

Carrying on regardless, the BBC part of the piece continued with pending armageddon. The BBC narrative was completely out of step with what the interviewees were saying, and it isn’t the first time I’ve commented on similar naked editorial bias.  
A few days later the flu meme is continuing on the BBC website. Its almost as if there’s an editors meeting every month that says “right, this month we’re going to go big on flu” regardless of whether there’s any major flu story. We then end up with it all over every BBC news channel.  
It would be nice if the BBC reported news that actually happened, rather than news they want to have happened.
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