Every Eurosceptic Should Read This

Why are Ireland’s banks bust?  And come to that why are Britain’s, Spain’s, Switzerland’s and many others?  They lost some of their money by lending against property, and in funding the US Sub-prime mortgage market.  But less well understood or talked about is the loss of money in ”hedging” operations.  Bankers were told to hedge their risks by the banking industry worldwide regulator in Basel to reduce their risks.  This was done via derivatives markets, which ballooned in size to become ten times greater than the world’s real economy.

A bank holding Euros could take out a future to bet that their value would not fall against the dollar for example, imagining that this would hedge their risks.  The banks all presumed these markets were open and free, and did not suspect that there were other vast secret funds in existence that were controlling them, and manipulating the prices.  The supposed risk-reducing hedges suddenly began to lose huge amounts of money as  prices swung violently and unpredictably, cleaning out the banks’ reserves.  These vast funds have ended up in the control of secret organisations, which use assassination and other forms of threat to stop the press from publicising their existence.

The one journalist who covered this topic and the one politician who has tried to publicise it were friends.  The journalist, Christopher Story, died in the summer of 2010.  This is the tribute to him from the politician, who explains some of what the journalist knew.



There are references to the ”murder” and imprisonment of journalists (including Christopher Story, real name Harle) exposing the frauds of the pharmaceutical industry and big business in the above link.  Most are Americans.  Fear of reprisals for exposing the frauds being committed by secret international networks is obviously enough to stop most information about them from being publicised.  Politicians are also fearful, no doubt.  At least, read what, if true, shows the bravery of those journalists and politicians who tackle these frauds and crimes.

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