Britain’s Shrinking Central Government

Ben Brogan writes an interesting blog post today.

He explains how Scotland is being given the option to cut or raise income tax levels in the next phase of devolution. And how Wales is opting to keep student fees at current levels.

It could be that soon England’s population (English people?) will be migrating to the Celtic fringe to enjoy lower taxes and better public services.  The localist agenda, supported by Lib Dem and Conservative alike, is growing, according to Brogan, as with the election of local Police Commissioners, and GPs being made into fund-holders wiping out the health trusts.

It seems odd that alongside decision-making being removed from Whitehall to local bodies and devolved regional governments, the Coalition is at the same time acceding to EU demands to impose economic government from on high.  Localism doesn’t apply whenever the EU is involved.   In fact rather the opposite.  Can anyone explain the twin moves?  It seems like a hollowing out process, with national central government being quietly eliminated.

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