Bill Gates And The OWG Want Population Controlled

What the nutters from the OWES (one world exploitation system) don’t seem to get, is that once societies become wealthier and women especially become educated, they choose to have less children.  The way to limit the world’s population growth is not to kill people and make them sick and sterile through vaccines designed to do that, but to help them to become wealthier and more educated.  

Other programmes of the OWES are impoverishing the world by ensuring all the nations are weighed down with debts from the banking frauds that the OWES is heavily involved in.  These people imagine themselves benefactors – Prince ‘Sustainable’ Charles, Bill Gates and the rest.  They are, in fact criminals.

The world could enjoy vastly greater economic growth with reduced CO2 if the stranglehold of the energy companies on fossil fuels was released.  Energy could be generated from magnetism, from water and sunlight but these technologies are suppressed, again by the OWES.  So we are all breathing pollutants in our environment which need not be there, in addition to being targeted for early deaths by the medical and other chemical ‘services’ that seek out our demise.

They have all their thinking the wrong way around.  That’s because they are mostly inheritors of their position, or have been successful in creating monopolistic businesses which have required ruthlessness as a prime characteristic.  These are not good people to be ruling the world.  They don’t understand what they are doing, and that there are good alternatives to their chosen methods to create a harmonious and benevolent world.

And that’s before we talk about their endless wars to acquire yet more wealth and power. 

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