‘Bilderberg Group Chooses World’s Leaders’ says US TV Documentary

Ed Balls is a regular Bilderberg attendee.  Is he getting all set to seize the reins from Ed Miliband when the controllers of Britain’s media and banking networks say so?

Whatever else Ed Miliband may be, he does not appear to be a chosen son of The Bilderberg Group – or are the Bilderberg also in control of the Trades Unions?  He should be supported by eurosceptics and all democratically minded people in Britain, and Labour should treasure him as a lone wolf fighting the system – unless I’m wrong of course in making such a wild guess!  That’s the trouble with secret networks.  How does anyone work out who’s a part of it, and who isn’t?

Watch the video and see what you think.  This is number 5 in a series about the secret network that rules the world.  The rest of the series are easy to find by clicking on the video and linking through to Youtube, or can be found on http://the-tap.blogspot.com/2010/12/remember-1920s-easy-loans-big-debts.html.

This is the best explanation of the Bilderberg I’ve ever seen on film.  It was made in 1999.

Re Ed Miliband –

from Oborne in Telegraph –

This hostility is made much deeper because the siblings are on different sides in the bitter civil war which is the most poisonous legacy of the New Labour years. David Miliband is the standard bearer for the Blairites – who see Ed Miliband as Gordon Brown’s heir.
That is why the Blairites are determined to destroy Ed – just as Margaret Thatcher’s followers were determined to destroy John Major after she was politically assassinated in November 1990.
Mrs Thatcher was not chosen by the BIldeberg.  John major had secretly agreed to sign the Maastricht Treaty.
Ed Miliband hasn’t done the deals with the network, and is being drummed out as were Thatcher and IDS.  They are all vulnerable at the top if they don’t get support from their colleagues.  The colleagues from the Blair side especially are networked.  
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2 Responses to “‘Bilderberg Group Chooses World’s Leaders’ says US TV Documentary”

  1. Anonymous says:

    All politicos are bought – Labour are scummy marxists.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I agree that Blair was bought, and it’s looking highly likely that Cameron is also ‘bought’, but I still have a 5% reserve of judgement as his supporters still claim he’s waiting for the right moment to move.

    But Ed looks like he’s not in the system as was IDS. He seems like he might be (part) human being taking on the system. Marxists are mad enough to have ideals which are mostly potty but at least he’s from the heart, like Tony Benn, one of his admirers.

    We would end up as slaves to the trades unions , which would make a change from Brussels. I would prefer it.

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