Brits Need A Cultural Leap Forward

Americans have had fifty years to get used to the regularity of shocking interventions in their democratic processes.  Since JFK was assassinated in 1963, an event I remember well, even though I was only eight years old, the people of America have had nearly two generations of living with news that doesn’t make sense, and seen only failure by a series of governments to run any effective enquiry into it.

By the time 911 happened, there were already a significant minority of Americans who knew it was wise to keep an open mind about the actions of their own government, and to maintain an element of scepticism about their media.

As snippets of news have gradually come available in the last near ten years about 911, that minority has grown substantially.  If George Bush was trusted by a majority in 2001, by 2010 the natural trust that all human societies have for their leaders has since been effectively eroded in the USA to the point of disappearing.   By the time Obama has proved to be yet another dark horse whose moves are hard to explain or understand, so much scepticism has been expressed, and experienced, that Americans are now able to abandon their former trust and belief in their democratically elected leaderships, start looking beyond the media, and form their own independent judgement as to what is going on.

As they have looked, they have started to see a story that is scarcely credible on first examination, but the more you study the information painstakingly unearthed, exposed and disseminated, mostly via the internet, the stronger the belief becomes in the population at large that national government is merely a front for an organisation that rules from behind the scenes, by whom Presidents are put into place and controlled.

JFK warned in the weeks before his assassination that a secret network was starting to take over the country.    Since his death the long drawn out Vietnam War came and went, doing much to expose the government’s illegal programmes, and its ruthless suppression of opposition.  Belief recovered somewhat under Reagan as the Cold War was ‘won’, but 911 and the War On Terror that followed, have demonstrated that nothing has really changed.

A large proportion of Americans, possibly a majority are now able to believe that 911 was an ‘inside job’.  This is of great credit to the American people, who are becoming without doubt the world’s most advanced media-consuming society.  The power of the main stream media is so great and its outputs so carefully manipulated to maintain its power and authority, that for millions of people to be able to see through it all, is nothing short of miraculous.  It is a totally new development for a people subject to daily propaganda output, to be able to see through it, to assess independently what’s coming to them, and start speaking openly about it before totalitarian power closes down even private discussion.

That miracle is the direct result of the internet, superimposed on top of a society with rooted beliefs in the limitations of central government, and a determination not be consumed by it.

Britain and other European countries have a problem.  Our history and cultures are different to
 the American experience.  We built our worlds out of respecting central authority, not by rebelling against it.  German, French and British are all cultures that would not have survived without their peoples obeying the consensus.  It is very hard for a British person whose first reaction is to trust the BBC, the Queen and the traditional symbols of power, to be able to take it in that these power structures have become a corrupted facade and that other forces are directing everything from behind the scenes.

The first and most important divide between Britain and other European states and the USA is the ability to believe that the terror attacks of recent years were and are inside jobs.  Brits simply cannot take it in, as their training is still to believe the media.  Despite a general feeling that things aren’t quite right, Brits are unable to go the whole way and abandon their kneejerk deference to authority.  In the modern context, this is an appalling weakness.

America is still battling at this stage towards a new general understanding of where things are politically, as the country attempts to locate who is running the country, what they are doing to military intelligence, to the financial system, to the education system and to the nation’s health.  There are many good sources on the internet, helping the process.  The Tea Party is spreading fast and strongly, more like a religious than a political movement to push the money-changers out of the temple.

The secret networks are trying to cap the movement by superimposing a false leadership at its head, which is why Palin gets so much media.  The network could well succeed.  It is so hard to tell the true prophet from the false.

But as far as the grass roots are concerned they have at least moved things to the point that major TV networks can no longer ignore the feelings of scepticism that the people have.  If only Brits could get to this basic level.  From there they could then start to understand the other things that are happening which at the moment they feel completely confused  by.

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