911 Just Got Weirder

Figure 2. Hurricane Erin track (atl.ec.gc.ca). Hurricane Erin was the closest to NYC on 9/11/01. Why didn’t we hear about this in the morning news?

On the morning of 911, a hurricane was lurking just off the coast of Manhattan.  This was no small hurricane.  It was bigger than Katrina, that devastated New Orleans.  Yet for some reason Erin, as this hurricane was called, was not mentioned on any news channel.

Dr Judy Wood is a former Professor of Mechanical Engineering.  She presents the data of the hurricane and explains how the force of the hurricane could have been deployed as a weapon, using technology which I for one do not understand.

Hurricane Erin just off NYC on 911

Dr Wood is bringing a case against the US government and 20 corporations for misleading the public about the events of 911.  Her case focuses on the collapse of the Twin Towers, which a person of her academic standing, would be well capable of analysing. 


cover of Dr Judy Woods’ book coming out in January 2011

Due out on the 27th January 2011 is the above book by Dr Judy Wood who as readers of this blog you will know is suing the US Government and over 20 US companies and individuals for putting out lies with regard to 911. This should be an excellent book as it is picture intensive and uses the actual pictures from her court case documents from these cases.  Paisley Expressions.  

Go to 

She illustrates the 911 phenomenon of hundreds of toasted cars which were burned, and melted, on one side only. This indicates the use of directed energy weaponry.  Pictures of the toasted cars can be found through the links on paisleyexpressions.  I tried copying and pasting, but the site appears well ‘guarded’.  Car doors wilted and buckled from the heat at the front, yet the back in picture below appears unaffected

Easy.  Found one of her pictures on google images!

Dr Wood points out that the buildings were substantially converted into dust, which was able to be scooped up with shovels.  She gives explanations as to how this could have happened.

Anyone wanting a preview of what will be in this book can do so with this legal document 
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  1. Odin's Raven says:

    Some say these strange effects may be produced by small nuclear weapons. I don’t know. Obviously the ‘official story’ has been pulverised, whatever the exact mechanism.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Nukes either blast everything as per Hiroshima, or they fry everybody and leave all other materials untouched, as per neutron bomb. These effects are consistent with directed energy weapons.

    Dr Wood had carried out an exhaustive analysis, which should be being reported far and wide, but is being ignored by all media.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The reason why Dr Wood (& every other “denier” – 911, Man-made global warming etc) is that following 911 there were a lot of websites & a lot of really wacky theories out there.

    In addition, Alex Jones, although a master self publicist & conduit for odd pictures/stories, has cried Wolf far too often. I stopped paying attention to him when he alleged that FEMA had a network of gulags that the US people would be transported to & incarcerated in. Despite (or because?) a lot of the MMGW conspiracy theories appear to be based on fact, the MSM won’t touch them with a bargepole.

    Dr Wood’s lawsuit may be ignored by the MSM now, but it’ll surely pop up on HIGNFY, which appears to be one way in which ‘challenging’ stories can be reported & ridiculed simultaneously in the UK.

  4. Derek says:

    We don’t know one half of the kind of space based weaponry that is up there. WTC7 certainly looks like a planned demolition. WTC1 & 2 may well have been partially demolished to fall in their own footprints, but where was all that rubble?

    Many questions to answer, and none from the official sources supply anything like what survived in evidence, which itself was hastily shipped out under armed guard. You bet there’s more to it.

  5. Tapestry says:

    anonymous, Jones is very open about his thoughts and does modify them in the face of evidence. He provides good evidence that the gulag in the USA is built and ready. Why do you question the evidence which is incontrovertible?

    Derek, Wood is hopefully the best source on 911 in terms of the structure, given she is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Maybe they want the information to come out now that they can use weather to create weaponry, if they can. The intended audience being someone they need to bring to heel.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tapestry, having looked at Jones’ website for the first time in a very long time, I see that in ~2009 a network of 6 camps on military bases were going to be built.

    The original assertion in ~2002 was that EVERY large US city would have a huge internment camp built nearby, and EVERYONE (inc convicts) were going to be moved there ‘temporarily’.

    Despite the pictures of one ‘facility’ in a US national park from memory, imprisoning the entire US did seem a little far fetched to me, even at the time.

    Maybe Jones has changed, but he seemed to try to create/report ever more improbable allegations in increasingly lurid terms, which may be why conspiracy theories/theorists as a whole may be discounted.

  7. Tapestry says:

    As you say, Jones is big on presentation, which leads him to overstate sometimes. But he is not a hoaxer, and he is largely responsible for the fact that a majority in the US believe 911 was an inside job, and want an enquiry. To some extent the OWG wants information putting out to frighten them into submission and a feeling of hopelessness.

    Lack of any hope makes the country a prison, I guess, and he has recently produced a good documentary on the FEMA camps with Jessie Ventura.

    His audience is American, not British. You can’t expect a BBC style of presentation, or even a John Pilger. As they say, Americans are different.

  8. You can find out how this has been covered up on this page:


    Also, Dr Judy Wood does NOT live in the UK – she lives in the USA…

  9. Tapestry says:

    Thanks Andrew. Your site looks worth a good study when there’s a few spare minutes.

  10. cui bono says:

    Intruiging stuff. But if the suggestion is that it was some sort of controlled beam weapon where does the hurricane fit in?

  11. Tapestry says:

    If you follow the links, it is explained.

  12. Twig says:

    If the US government is so technically advanced and devious, then why couldn’t they rustle up some weapons of mass destruction after the Iraq invasion?

  13. Tapestry says:

    The only weapon the technologically advanced can’t stop is the suicide bomber. That’s no doubt why the poor sods use that tactic.

  14. Derek says:

    When something extraordinary happens, and the manner in which the WTC towers ‘collapsed’ is extraordinary, the our senses automatically search for known factors that could be involved, never unknown. We know about Thermite and how it is used to demolish buildings by cutting through steel columns like a hot knife through butter. Strategically placed and detonated it can bring down buildings in their own footprint, in free fall. What we do not know about will not enter our thoughts. Directed energy beam ‘weapons’ are not generally known about and remain for most science fiction.

    Start talking about steel columns inches thick bent like they were made of wax; parts of vehicles burnt and other parts not even scorched; 500 miles of steel beams and columns and thousands of tons of concrete seemingly no longer in existence, and the chances are that you will be taken as a fool just as those were when they re-iterated the story of the Wright Brothers taking off in a flying machine to friends and relations who did not witness it, nor consider such things as being possible.

    Sixty five years after the Wright Brothers first flew a 100yds or so, America was about to land on the Moon.

    In 1985 Professor Beardon was lecturing on directed beam energy devices – ‘weapons’.
    We are now twenty five years further on from then. What we do not know about may very well be fact, and surprise almost everyone. (Ever tried explaining laser eye surgery to your grand parents?)

    Why should it be kept so secret? So as to shock and awe people into wanting action against the perpetrators under a flase flag operation – precisely what the administration wanted, to go into Iraq. You do not expose your weaponry to the enemy, and the enemy is us. Keep us baffled and bemused and the world goes to war with our blessing – and resources are secured. Except that the plan is crumbling. They’re being found out.

    Big Empires never last long.

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