Would The USA Like To Invade Britain And Pocket Ireland?

A single image speaks volumes about how the Armed Forces felt about the Strategic Defence and Security Review.
Liam Fox, Defence Secretary cannot believe what’s happening.  By the looks on the faces, he’s not the only one.

The recent defence review has brought many criticisms for its having been rushed, and made without any consultation.  The Navy has been emasculated.  

The Telegraph writes yesterday –

Controversial decisions made in the review include leaving Britain without a functioning aircraft carrier for 10 years and abolishing both the Royal Navy’s Harrier jump jets and the RAF’s Nimrod spy planes.

(Whole Article – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/defence/8141797/New-leak-exposes-MoD-fury-at-defence-cutbacks.html)

It is an invitation to invade.  

But to whom is the invitation addressed?  Putin?  He’s flying his fighters into British airspace on a daily basis, and is building a new submarine fleet to boot.  But as yet there are no Russian invasion barges seen anywhere nearby. 

The Chinese are also rearming fast, but at this stage they are probably a little too far away.

No, the only people that Cameron can possibly be inviting to pop in and grab our island any time they feel in the mood, is the good old US of A.  It’s really very decent of him to make them feel so welcome.

As the Euro disintegrates, and the EU is forced into a tactical withdrawal, the US’ secretive state within a state will not be relaxed about it, as the EU is the way that the US is using to reduce Britain and Ireland as financial competitors.  Cameron may be carrying out his instructions from on high within the OWG, but does he have any idea why he is being told to get rid of the British navy?  

How good is an America that, according to Prison Planet and other sources, carried out 911 as a false flag operation – a fact now believed by one third of Americans, and rising?   And how trustworthy is an ally whose agents have been implicated in assassinating British citizens such as David Kelly prior to landing us in the Iraq mess?   

The latest thing to come to light is that someone in the USA is building a network of concentration (FEMA) camps across the US in secret, and there appears to be an informal secret network already well in control of the country, over and above the normal democratic government’s head.  The President, a mere puppet, not even born in the USA, is subject to blackmail threats of exposure if he doesn’t tow the line. 

Has Cameron decided that as we don’t face any immediate threats we don’t need a navy for the time being?  Maybe he should be looking the other way for future threat.  Until America has brought to trial the people who carried out 911, and George Bush’s role has been explained, there needs to be a note of caution in Britain’s defence planning, and especially about America.  It’s not so much that we need a navy urgently to defend against our enemies.  It’s our allies that should be worrying us. 

More on the worrying side of the USA – http://the-tap.blogspot.com/2010/11/us-government-stockpiles-millions-of.html

The EU has had enough of us anyway.  Maybe they’ve offered us on a plate to the USA for inclusion in their new totalitarian power structure, once the Euro implodes.  No doubt Ireland will be attached to the plan, if for no other reason, to keep the map tidy, as empire builders always like to do.

See also Spectator on Cameron’s shenanigans surrounding the defence review – http://www.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/6475448/dave-on-the-defensive.thtml

You get the feeling that something’s not quite right here, don’t you, which means there’s a lot more going on than we are being told.  The Irish like us, are also looking the wrong way.  Someone from Dublin should take a short flight to London and meet up secretly with Osborne.  It could be the moment the world changes direction, and he can pass on the words he must be listening to from the British representatives of the Central Bankers.  It’s time to cautious about the USA, and stand together to keep our freedom.


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