Who Are Lord James ”Foundation X”?

Lord James describes his dealings with a secret organisation called “Foundation X” to Sky News.  He claims that it “wants to help save the world”, and wishes to lend billions to Britain, interest free – in order to support a “massive improvement” in the jobs market, fund renewable energy, build schools and hospitals, and help the construction of Crossrail – which it will begin to provide the necessary funds for, if it receives a positive answer from the Government within the next week, by Christmas Day.

From a comment on Youtube –

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In 1963, President John Kennedy wanted an end to the Federal Reserve System, which had a strangle-hold on the United States and virtually the world. By a simple stroke of the pen, President Kennedy dismissed the Federal Resene System and ordered the U.S. governmcnt to restore its Constitutional-mandate of controlling the money. President Kennedy was dead three weeks later. When President Lyndon Johnson took office, he immediately rescinded Kennedy’s order restoring the Federal Reserve
More of the same here from the late Joan Veon –
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