US Government Stockpiles Millions Of Plastic Coffins In Concentration Camps. Why?

This programme was broadcast in the USA on November 12th on TruTV to a tiny audience relative to the size of the country’s population.  It describes non-elected state run power structures which are ready to detain millions of Americans, without any due process, under laws brought in after 911, to promote Homeland Security.  With no checks and accountability, the powers granted are concentrated into few unelected hands.

Not surprisingly their useage is already slipping from the declared purpose of stopping terrorists, to the suppression of presumed political opponents of the state.  Supporters of opposition politicians like Ron Paul are being placed on watch lists, for example, and any other form of political activist, by agencies that override all the law enforcement agencies of the country.

These three clips show the inquiry trail of the program makers, and the facts they discovered.  They give possible predictions and interpretations of what use the concentration camps built in America ready to receive whole families to live inside barbed wire compounds, will be put to.

The discovery of enough coffins to bury millions of dead people is also explained, and the possible intended uses for the coffins, and which people are expected to die in such vast numbers, and why.

The most scary aspect of the program is that no one in Congress would admit this was actually happening.

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2 Responses to “US Government Stockpiles Millions Of Plastic Coffins In Concentration Camps. Why?”

  1. mrking says:

    Thx info. Madison is just up the road.

    Will be glad when is no longer fashionable to move camera every split second. Was called moving pics for a reason…

  2. Tapestry says:

    In the Philippines, they ask me ‘ are you Cano?’ meaning American? I say yes even though I’m from the UK, as it’s not worth getting into a long explanation as to the difference.

    Then they say – which place? New York? or some other place they’ve heard of. My answer is ‘No. Madison. Wisconsin.’ It ends the conversation every time. They can’t pronounce it!!!

    Yes. TV technique. They’re trying to keep attention of watchers.

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