UKCP Should Split From EUCP

Roger Helmer’s message recorded on Tory Radio declares Cameron guilty of a wretched abdication of responsibility – in his budget negotiations with the EU.  This is merely symbolic of his greater treachery whereby he has cunningly deceived the eurosceptics in the Conservative Party, and, despite endless assurances to the contrary,  it is now clear that both he and William Hague can’t wait to hand over Britain to the EU as quickly as they can.

The eurosceptics in Parliament cannot in all honesty still sit alongside them.  They have to either rebel with the intention of bringing a vote of no confidence and terminating Cameron’s leadership acquired by deception.  Or they have to quit the Party and form the UK Conservative Party, which would soon enough amalgamate with UKIP, leaving the europhile rump of the Party to amalgamate with the Lib Dems, and become the EUCP.

It might consign the combined forces of UKCP and UKIP to losing an election to Labour, but at least everyone would know who they were, and which side of the divide they were on, and voters would have some chance of being able to work out who to vote for, and why.

Graham Brady should either work with his backbenchers to push Cameron out, or he should remove the bulk of the Parliamentary Party to resign as EUConservatives, which they have unwittingly become, and start afresh. This is the moment of truth.  And strong action is called for.

Listen to Roger Helmer for his powerful message, which tells all Conservatives that their Party, as it is, is finished as a vehicle for representing the views of its members and supporters.

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5 Responses to “UKCP Should Split From EUCP”

  1. Are you now supporting UKIP Tap? I don’t say this gloatingly, just a reflection on my disappointment that you thought Cameron et al would be any different.

    My loyalty is to the cause not to the party (UKIP) and I suspect yours is too, but the Conservatives are never going to deliver.

    Sadly my view of Tory Euroceptics has remained the same it’s all words and not much else. I’ve yet to see anything different in 20 years to suggest otherwise.

    Your disappointment in the Tories is clear to see.

  2. Mike Spilligan says:

    This can’t be repeated too widely, nor too frequently.
    Roger Helmer’s an honest man and like Dan Hannan is urgently needed on the domestic scene. One can only hope that this leads many to examine their consciences and get the ball rolling.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Hold on, Frog. The eurosceptics are genuinely shocked that Cameron has lied to them. Their reaction is only starting. We will see how things pan out from here. The UKIP ‘never the Conservatives again’ mantra is a little stupid. That’s what Brussels wants to hear. I want UKIP and Conservative together. You should too.

  4. Twig says:

    I just don’t believe the EU sceptic Tories have got it in them to make a move, they’ll just keep on whinging while Cameron signs away our nationhood a la Heath and Major.

    That’s why I joined UKIP, at least they have a clear objective. I cannot understand why any real conservative would vote Tory.


  5. Tapestry says:

    Each person finds their own way through the eurosceptic political maze. It’s important to keep it in mind that UKIP and the Conservative right are very close in their objectives. They only differ in the means.

    If UKIP polled 4 million votes in a general election, I would agree with you. But they poll 1 million. It’s not enough.

    If the 1 million votes were Conservative, there might be thirty more backbenchers, no Liberal Dem coalition, and a far stronger revolt would be possible now.

    By 2015 the situation might well be the same, that a UKIP vote makes the position of eurosceptic Conservatives weaker, helping the traitors.

    Things might change. Let’s see. UKIP anti-Conservative mantras might become self-defeating, as the biggest chance of success is still that the Party might be won over to euroscepticism. Why discount the options? Be aware of them, and allow events to guide us.

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