Try Not To Laugh

I’m all for the idea that central banks are a major part of the drive for One World Government, and their financial muscle is what lies behind it all.  And I’m prepared to believe that the security services and the media are heavily influenced by secret networks linked to the central banks, which are privately owned.  These networks seem to be willing to carry out false flag terrorist operations to justify the removal of the traditional freedoms of western society.

There is the likelihood that the financial crisis was deliberately engineered, for the purpose of eliminating the nation states.

There is no doubt a strong British element in Central Banking.  But this presentation takes possibilities and probabilities and deals with them as absolute certainties.  It is too easy for an American to be able to blame the whole problem on the British Empire.  Other people cite Germans in the war as planning the one world government.  Yet others see the CIA as a part of the story.  The fact is that no one seems to know what is going on behind the scenes, as largescale events involving all the world’s populations play out.

I sympathise with this person’s need to create certainty from the muddle she can see, and there are elements of hidden truth in her certainties.  But it is better to admit when we don’t know what is happening as we wrestle with various parts of the supposed One World Government story.

To my mind, anyone would sign up for an unstoppable economic boom and join in the game, but now the economic certainties are unravelling, so too, it is likely, are the various elements that subscribed to being part of the One World Government.  This is an unseen story, but it is unlikely to be one dimensional, although that is precisely what people would like it to be, like a movie with goodies and baddies.

At some point mainstream politicians will have to start opening up to the voters as to what is going on.  Lord James in Britain made a start two weeks ago talking about Foundation X.  There will be more to come, as we move forwards from here.  It will simply become impossible for politicians to be credible as events expose the new world order’s existence, unless they admit its existence and talk about it.

In the meantime we can be amused at this kind of attempt to bring everything into an ordered world view.  I liked the belching crocodile particularly.  But it is time that mainstream politicians started explaining to everyone what exactly is going on.  Until they do, theorisers will have a field day, and any and every theory will find adherents.  The field is open for the next Lord James, who wants to talk openly about what they’ve gleaned.  Maybe we can construct a sane worldview, once we get a few more explanations from those who really know.  The One World Government needs to be fleshed out and made understandable, I would say, as a matter of urgency.

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  1. Robin says:

    She doesn`t make sense .
    What British Empire ?
    Why are the British trying to create a war in the Middle East and how ?
    Why does she think the Royal Family wants genocide and this is official but unstated British Government policy ?
    She says there is a link to the above but then cannot say what the link is .
    Conspiracy nutter .

  2. Derek says:

    Well, she is an American after all, and Jewish at that so she has an issue with Islam (haven’t we all). But if either she, you, or I knew for certain what the connections are, we would be privy to information that we are currently not, and are not likely to be.

    Just as we may connect pieces of a jig-saw puzzle together by their colour and shape without actually holding them and positioning them, we may also see events take place that look like they fit together, and come to a conclusion that they very well may fit together. Sometimes it is that obvious.

    The one world government or New World Order has been engineered for many years. It has been spoken of repeatedly by Presidents and Prime Ministers. The Alex Jones’s of this world will have reams of theories on them, but I would not expect the NWO to actually spell out what they have in mind, though the Georgia Stones stand as testimony to certain global desires for the ultimate population levels, and that will take a 90% or thereabouts cull from present day. Unthinkable! Impossible! It couldn’t happen! Prince Phillip thinks it should, he’d come back as a virus to wipe out the majority of mankind – said so himself. In jest? Many a true word . . .

  3. Tapestry says:

    The world must look very different if you own it.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Robin, Joan Veon is the late American journalist (died in July 2010), who believed the British Royal Family’s wealth is the basis of the world’s central banking.

    She sees the UN as a based on the British Commonwealth, and the OWG as a continuation of the British Empire – in secret.

    Her version reflects her own prejudices, but the Royal Family undoubtedly are involved in Central banking, in secret, and Charles’ environmental beliefs have informed the direction of OWG.

  5. Derek says:

    What is it that makes sense Robin – something you are used to hearing and experiencing? In that case, anything out the ordinary will not make sense. We live and work in a blinkered environment, kept that way through the mainstream media, imprisioned by the TV couch, paper, and pub – voluntarily. Anything outside of that environment is just too absurd to believe – for most people.

  6. Robin says:


    I`m willing to give credence to conspiracy theories if it`s analysed properly and questions are answered.

  7. Tapestry says:

    in 1944 the existence of Auschwitz was called a Conspiracy Theory.

  8. Robin says:

    I presume you mean the Holocaust was .
    Which it wasn`t , as Winston Churchill wanted the RAF to deal with it.
    Some people still think that Auschwitz and the Holocaust is a conspiracy by Zionists today.
    WE cannot accept that the Holocaust and Auscwitz did not happen just because someone declaims they did not happen .We want proof and questions answered in a straightforward fashion first.

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