Planes Hitting Twin Towers Were Computer Graphics

Look carefully at the underbelly of the plane.  See anything odd?

Before seeing what that might be, first look at all the TV and movie evidence that someone knew 911 was coming, even ten years before it happened.
See how many Illuminati signals there were foretelling 911 in movies and TV shows. 

If it wasn’t an inside job, how did they all know about what was coming? If they knew, why didn’t they prevent it? Also note that David Icke’s wife told TV in 1995 that ‘there will be a serious attack on a major US city between the years 2000 and 2002.’

Look carefully at the plane’s underbelly in the top picture above the video. What’s that lump doing sticking out of the bottom of the plane? Have you ever seen one of those before or since? For the explanation as to what the visible lump is, see the video at the end. It will surprise you and throw your understanding of current science into question.

If you think there’s nothing sticking out of the plane’s fuselage, then you are deceiving yourself. Take a break. Come back in a few minutes and look again.

I was sent the next web address by a reader, and if anyone ever doubted whether 911 was a fabricated false flag event, with the events that happened being very different to the ones we were told at the time, this should help them make up their minds.

In confirmation watch what happened to the flight crews who never returned.

You can watch a long video needing an hour or so and see it all explained if you want, or spend just two minutes viewing these visual explanations of why the imagery of the towers being hit by planes are the work of, at least partly, computer graphics.

(The only problem might be that these films are themselves a deception, put out to confuse.  Yet who would do that and why? With even MSM now starting to admit that 911 should be approached ‘with an open mind’ (Fox News), I am taking these films as genuine for the time being.)

There are a lot more details in the video, but this is enough for most people to see. Things like how could the cockpit of the plane hitting the South Tower reappear intact and in line of flight, after passing through a steel building? The networks realised this error and removed the clip from their archive and blanked the picture on 9/11 itself by covering it over with a banner, but many Americans had already videoed the error.

In some copies of the event, the smoke is white. In others it is black. Similar views of the towers have different backgrounds. The number of inconsistencies concerning the images are so great, there is no point me listing them all out here.

Take your time with this. It is an emotional journey to go through, which is fascinating and depressing all at the same time. This was an act of war, in which many people died.  That in itself makes this hard to watch, but you owe it to yourself not be taken as a fool by the media. Form your own conclusions, but at least look at the evidence. And as I say, take your time.

Also from septemberclues is the estimation that the number of casualties in the towers was far lower –

Fortunately, a little solace may be found in the latest findings of this research : it is gradually emerging (see the Vicsim Report) that the list of 9/11 victims (approx. 2,928) is a mostly forged database of fictitious identities and forged/morphed photographs. 

Study the evidence.  Take your time.  I found the evidence compelling, especially when juxtaposed alongside many eyewitness reports which said they saw no planes, that they heard explosions, and some say they heard a missile.

Here is the detailed footage showing the reasons why the plane impacts are fake which the whole world believed to be a real event changing history at the time, including me.


I didn’t know that Fox News has released information demonstrating 9/11 to be a scam.  One third of Americans now believe it to be so, which is another reason why The Tea Party is gaining ground.

TAP – The pulling of WTC 7, without any impact from any plane, missile or device, is the starting point for many sceptics. Once Flight 93 was shot down by a pilot disobeying orders, there was no cover story for how there was a plane available to crash into the building. WTC 7 was intended to be hit by a ‘plane’ like the Twin Towers, making it three impacts in New York City.

Fox News viewers, America’s most conservative and typically, most volatile “news junkies” are now being told that the 9/11 investigation was a coverup and the Building 7 demolition is proof of a massive conspiracy.  For America’s #1 news source to go this far, not on one show but two of their top rated journalists, Judge Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera, has been a serious blow for all those who supported the Bush administration and believed in the “war on terror.”

No other network, no newspaper is touching this story, this “third rail” which debunks two wars, debunks “Osama bin Laden” and makes the case for America being a nation of dupes.  It doesn’t just stop at America.  Most of the world got “sucked in” on 9/11, buying in on an even that now has gone from historical milestone as a disaster to the greatest scam in world history.

Bush admissions, though it is doubtful he understand the nature of such admissions and the criminal implications, over Iran and his willingness to send Americans to a hopeless war for his personal aggrandizement are only part of a pattern of which 9/11 itself was a part.  If, as Fox News claims, Building 7 was a controlled demolition, then all of 9/11 was staged.  Any other assumption is insane.

So what killed the missing air hostesses?

by Michel Chossudovsky
ISBN 0-9737147-1-9  (2005)
387 pages.
Global Research Online Price: US$14.00  (Retail $19.95)  
NEW: The Book is now available in pdf format at US $8.25 (scroll down for details)

In this new and expanded edition of Michel Chossudovsky’s 2002 best seller, the author blows away the smokescreen put up by the mainstream media, that 9/11 was an attack on America by “Islamic terrorists”.  Through meticulous research, the author uncovers a military-intelligence ploy behind the September 11 attacks, and the cover-up and complicity of key members of the Bush Administration.
The expanded edition, which includes twelve new chapters focuses on the use of 9/11 as a pretext for the invasion and illegal occupation of Iraq, the militarisation of justice and law enforcement and the repeal of democracy.
According to Chossudovsky, the  “war on terrorism” is a complete fabrication based on the illusion that one man, Osama bin Laden, outwitted the $40 billion-a-year American intelligence apparatus. The “war on terrorism” is a war of conquest. Globalisation is the final march to the “New World Order”, dominated by Wall Street and the U.S. military-industrial complex.
September 11, 2001 provides a justification for waging a war without borders. Washington’s agenda consists in extending the frontiers of the American Empire to facilitate complete U.S. corporate control, while installing within America the institutions of the Homeland Security State.

For a detailed assessment of when Bin Laden actually died, go to Osama Bin Elvis, an American Spectator article from 2009.

Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a plane.

Graphics creation explained in more detail –

Long explanation on how the missing passengers on 911 were liquidated.

Here is another bizarre clip of the plane approaching the tower where the software gets confused and first makes the ‘plane’ disappear behind the tower, until it suddenly reappears and disappears again just before something impacts the tower. This betrays the method used to convert the flying ball into an image of the plane, using the same kind of software that created the movie Avatar. Except here in 2001, rushing to get TV pictures out quickly, it malfunctioned.

Me explains –

on the close up you can see the light halo around the plane that has been graphically added to the background without the colours matching perfectly.

Notice also the whole footage as edited to just a few seconds before impact to minimise the amount of editing they had to do to hide the ball.

At 10-13 seconds in, continuing with the close-up slo-mo, the plane disappears, but you can still just make out a ball shape continuing toward the tower.

It is so dark in the shadow they haven’t bothered to add wings.

It gets particularly weird around 12-14 seconds when the ball seems to disappear then a plane shape reemerges into the light slightly higher than it was.

TAP Freeze at 16 seconds. The hole is tiny and could not possibly allow a plane to enter the building. You can see why this clip was discarded and not used for TV coverage at the time.

Before impact the ball becomes most visible at the back of the plane. It doesn’t look like a tail wing, the back of the plane has a round shaped attached to it.

On entry there is little damage until the ball goes in, and then the first sign of smoke is from a ball-shaped hole.

Also, the explosion on entry is in a different place (closer to the edge) than on the other close up CNN video.

UPDATE – “>clip of plane image with disappearing wing, showing this was a computer graphic.

UPDATE – Meet the hijackers. Ten years on, they are still alive.



The evidence of 911 being falsehood just piles up and up.


just got this from Sky….Remains of some victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US were taken to a landfill site, a Pentagon report has found.
“Several portions of remains” found at the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania crash site presumably ended up in landfill after being handed to a private firm, the report said.

The Pentagon said the remains “could not be tested or identified”.

The victims were among those killed when a plane hijacked by terrorists struck the Pentagon and another crashed in Shanksville, killing 40.

Remains that could not be tested or identified were given to a bio-medical waste disposal contractor.

The contractor incinerated them and then took them to a landfill.

The information was in a report on the military’s Dover mortuary, where the practice of putting partial unidentified remains in a landfills was discontinued in 2008.

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

50 Responses to “Planes Hitting Twin Towers Were Computer Graphics”

  1. Bloody hell chap, you can do better than this. That site you link to is so full of bollocks as to be unbelievable.

    Seriously do think that the Bush government who comprehensively buggered up everything else (particularly the Iraq war) was even capable of pulling off such a so-called ‘well-co-ordinated’ plan such as this?

    Of course they weren’t.

  2. Tapestry says:

    On top of all this, are the facts that two weeks prior to 9/11, the whole security section of the towers was taken down and disarmed ‘for vital maintenance’. This had never happened before. It has been suggested this would have given an ‘open window’ for teams to have placed thousands of charges at strategic points.

    The chief of staff for the air defence was stood down and removed in place of someone else, a person allegedly more malleable to command.

    The building had been recently re-insured for a colossal sum – including acts of terrorism by its owner – and there was a maintenance backlog that was going to cost megabucks. All this, under a cloud that was a ‘threat’ from Saddam Hussain. Blair and Bush were ‘wanting something’. There are more holes in the official story and subsequent investigation to the attack and collapse on the WTC buildings than there are holes in Swiss cheese. This much many know, or at least believe. But the pedantic picking over video images and claiming falsification of what is being seen, is I believe – not one of them.


  3. Tapestry says:

    Fine, Derek (by email)
    but have you watched the evidence?

  4. Odin's Raven says:

    It’s not just 9/11. Here’s a thoughtful article suggesting that the usual suspects are manipulating both the North Koreans and the Americans.

  5. Derek says:

    I watched all the video clips in your post, and I see a lot of blurred images and connections that are refutable. Some of the commentators are speaking from memory, which is always suspect, and the photographer by the gas leak had a low angle shot that saw the reflection in a vehicle windscreen of the aircraft prior to hitting.
    His later comment on seeing something out the corner of his eye may well have been seen far to the left, and well out of camera.
    The majority of the shots are from amateur cameras, and to have caught any real detail of an aircraft as it flew at 550mph into a static building would of necessity need to have been shot with a high speed camera. There is far too much blur to make out details.

    What evidence are we supposed to be looking at here? That someone has photoshopped the entire sequences of two aircraft that struck the buildings and that it didn’t really happen? If so, what’s the fire from; what caused the debris in clouds of dust that rocketed along the streets and from which people ran for their lives? That’s a pretty impressive hologram that causes people to look up at a sound tracked across the sky and showers them with real debris.

    No, sorry, dead end that one. More like people playing super-sleuths and claiming they ‘see’ something ‘new’. They are claiming ‘fake’. OK, what’s real?

  6. Tapestry says:

    Derek, the buildings were blown up and possibly struck by missiles. They fell down. They were not hit by aircraft. Neither was The Pentagon.

    White smoke/black smoke. Tower in sunlight/same tower’s face in shade. Helicopter in one shot/missing from same shot from other cameras. Cockpit of plane going right through the Tower, yet no hole available for it to pass through. I’m surprised you don’t see even a possibility that the images were computer graphics.

    It had occurred to me that someone is stoking up the conflict in the Koreas, Raven. I’ll read your link. Thanks. It might be another WMD effort as you say. Either way be very careful how we interpret what we are hearing.

  7. Derek says:

    I’ll just make on point.
    If not an aircraft, what made that elongated slot which appears to be the entry point of the bulk of the aircrfat?
    What missile would carry sufficient fuel on board to create a fire cloud that continues to burn with plumes of black smoke indicative of kerosene?

    I agree on what you say about the Pentagon hit, that was no passenger aircraft, more like a drone. There is also questions over the aircraft that went down in the forest elsewhere, and the alleged conversations. And yes – it’s most likely an inside job incorporating many agencies including the CIA and Mossad, and as I also feel confident that the Bush administration had much to do with it is evident in the number of blatant anomalies (cock-ups) in their attempts to make the whole thing look like an act of a terrorist network.

    Like many people perhaps, at the time, and shortly after when a documentary showed computer reconstruction of WTC1 & 2 collapsing under heat and truss failuer creating a domino effect, I took it as plausible. Not until other voices from engineers and demolition experts were heard did I smell a Rat.

  8. Tapestry says:

    In the two stills provided by september clues, the slot created by the supposed aircraft entering the Tower had different profiles.

    This, along with all the other evidence, suggests that the pictures we watched and believed to be real at the time, were, in fact, computer graphics and not reality.

    Many eyewitnesses said they had not seen a plane. One, a war correspondent, reported as sound like a missile.

    All the pictures of planes hitting towers and the subsequent pictures were computer graphics designed to convince watchers that planes hit the towers. While people were busy watching TV, they got on with the job of demolishing the towers with explosives.

  9. Derek says:

    I have just watched far more, read the Vicsim report, and having written at length a reply, lost the f**king lot due to shite Blogger software.

    In brief – Tap, in part you have been ‘had’.

  10. Tapestry says:

    I’m quite happy to be proved wrong Derek, but what part of the evidence do yiou refute? September clues gives a detailed analysisand demonstrate the reasons the tv coverage was graphical and not camera work. Are you saying you reject it all? Thanks for your opinion, if you get time to give any reasons for your opinion I’d be very interested to hear them.

  11. Derek says:

    Part 1:

    Second attempt!

    I am not attempting to prove you ‘wrong’, but to try and point out that there are many who wish to jump on the ‘revelation’ band-wagon to the point of ridicule, and that hitching a ride might be disadvantageous to ones reputation.

    You mention ‘evidence’. I see nothing that constitutes evidence that proves one thing nor another irrefutably from the dissection of video footage as seen on TV from either CNN or Fox News.

    I have watched more videos on September Clue’s website, and read through the Vicsim (Victim Simulation) Report. I have also spent the past three hours watching several You Tube videos of other peoples images, footage, and computerised graphics. In several cases more explosions were stated to have been heard after the buildings were hit, and many report successions of bangs, like bombs going off. These would most likely have been charges placed to critically weaken the central cores and columns.

    The videos as shown on September Clues concentrate on making the images as seen to be computer graphics done badly. It also suspects the audio accompanying some recorded clips sent in by many amateur photographers and cell phone cameras (presumed) as having been edited. Some of the film clips taken at the time were from visitors to the area taking holiday snaps, and without realising it, caught sections of the ‘event’, some of these clips were not presented to the media (which ones?) until, in one case, five years later in 2006. Is it possible that ALL recorded medium has been taken and ‘adjusted’ to show aircraft striking the buildings before being made publicly available?

    Of the people so far interviewed, both as the event was unfolding and in the subsequent hours, days and weeks, the overall consensus state what was seen were planes, and commercial planes at that. Only one though he saw what he described as a light plane of the propeller driven type, but was told that what had struck was a commercial jet liner – there was no time for a response as the second hit followed. A few people thought they saw and heard what they thought was a missile. As we have seen on television, missiles make similar sounds in flight driven by rapidly expanding fuels as do jet engines, and accompanied by loud explosions on impact. One possible difference is with turbine engines there is a whine accompanying the roar. Most of the witnesses reckoned they saw a plane. Those that say they did not see any plane, may simply have not been looking up. Without being able to question them, we do not know.

  12. Derek says:

    The slowed down images of amateur shots and zoomed in for close up, are of limited value as the pixilation and indistinct outlines distort the image. In some shots of the second hit, and seen from a lower angle looking up, considerable debris can be seen ejecting from the far side, and some heavier pieces bursting through and falling at speed, these do not reflect pieces of aluminium in their manner of falling, but more like heavier equipment, or they could even be sections of steel structure of the building, or furnishings. As one door closes with force, another may react in opening with similar force. In my email, I made the analogy of a thin shelled egg being thrown against a steel grid of some sort, shredding the ‘eggshell’. Enough of the eggshell may well have exited the far side in shredded form at that velocity to have emulated the nose of the aircraft. If it was not an aircraft that entered and exited the far side of the building – what was it? An exploding missile would have had no remaining components that match the debris exiting.

    Computer generated graphics can not only give us dinosaurs running as a herd across grassy plains, but entire buildings such as that shown in the film ‘Panic Room’ starring Jody Foster. The sensation is totally believable. But away from the ‘Matrix’, real life has aircraft flying overhead, loud, noisy and smelly – as are the financial crashes.

    The Vicsim Report is long, and tedious. The implication is that most of the victims as recorded on the CNN tribute database were fabricated, and that few people died in either the aircraft, or the two towers. It lists all the alleged victims calling them ‘vicsims’, at which location they ‘died’, and who they worked for. But more irresponsibly – criticises the tributes as made to the point of open sarcasm. Quite how the bereaved families might take this is not hard to imagine.

    The report goes into details of alleged morphing of peoples faces as depicted in the tributes to ‘make up’ the images of which many do not appear, and attempts to match some images with others, and shows how this may have been accomplished. Even the choices of individual’s names are subject to intensive scrutiny and criticism.

    Perhaps the person creating the September Clue’s website and its allegations should leave the holographic matrix, and like the forester – step back from the trees and maybe see the Wood.

    For many families, their grief continues with the fact that their loved ones have never been identified, never recovered, and so their ‘closing’ of a life has never been completed. Not knowing what happened is worse than knowing. Whether we ‘know’ what struck the buildings or not changes nothing, but does seem to give certain parties a reason for ‘being’, in resurrecting many wounds.

  13. Derek says:

    I’ve just left comment in two parts, which has met with an error message – Too long. Yet one said it had been saved, so heaven knows if it has or hasn’t! I have it saved this time though!!

  14. Tapestry says:

    Derek, I don’t bother about which group says what about anything. I’m not a party animal to be honest. I just like to write what I believe is right, and feel better for doing so. Others can say or do as they like also.

    I hadn’t read the Vicsims Report as you have. Thanks for doing so. I will get there eventually. It’s emotionally hard to work through such things.

    I wouldn’t criticise September Clues for doing what they do. They want to now the truth. The more we know about what actually happened, the harder it is for shadow governments to inflict more deaths and mayhem upon us.

    They can only get away with these things if no one knows it’s an inside job. It is saving life to read and write about this stuff, as you are doing.

  15. Derek says:

    Good – it’s popped up there.

    Yes, I agree with your comment. The entire bucket of worms needs flushing out but it’s global. How long before this avenue of communications begins to be censored, as your latest post speaks of! I bet Blair rues the day he boasted of the “Information Superhighway”.

    Now, must think about ‘second breakfast’ . . .

  16. Anonymous says:

    Youtube videos

    9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!

    WTC 7 – Pull It By Larry Silverstein

    Who carried out the 911 operation?
    Israel did 911- All the proof in the world

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for posting the video analysis of NOSED OUT.

    There are two possibilities for the 911 attacks:
    1. The images of the planes were edited into the footage of explosions planted in the buildings.
    2. Cruise missiles launched by the US military were responsible for the impacts in WTC1, WTC2 and the Pentagon and these missiles were edited in the footage to appear as airplanes. The ‘nose out’ may be consistent with the nose of a cruise missile exit of the target and detonation.

    The Pentagon facade section that was hit by the missile collapsed about 30 minutes after the initial impact but the missile itself penetrated through THREE wings of the Pentagon structure.

    The WTC1 and WTC2 were brought down by controlled demolition.

    WTC7 was controll demolished, the owner admits to it! The only problem is that it takes a lot of preparation and time to set up the explosive devices for a major demolition such as WTC7. But these were already in place on September 11.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I am convinced beyond doubt that 9/11 was an inside job, but thousands of people in NYC who did not take photo’s saw it. If they didnt there is no way you could get all those New Yorkers to keep stum about the fact that they never heard or saw anything hit the towers.

  19. Tapestry says:

    Some witnesses who spent time in war zones heard a missile flying that day. Eyewitnesses talking on Youtube who saw a plane hit the towers say they saw a military plane not a passenger plane. Whatever actually happened, the TV coverage was not consistent with live footage, and was provable to be computer graphics.

    Many 911 witnesses have been eliminated.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The World Trade Center Towers were hit with advanced cruise missiles.
    U.S. military, advanced cruise missiles look like aircraft. They were doctored up a little more to more fully resemble an airplane.
    The black and or white smoke was not from the fires. It was simply
    the smoke being released from the thermite reactions cutting the steel. The smoke just continues to billow out as the main steel frame beams are cut. Also, the
    reason the nose of the missile -plane comes out the other side is the cruise missile had one of those advanced nose cones used for penetration.

    Only the really innocent, gullible or just plain ignorant refuse to accept that 911 was an inside job.
    Really, most Americans are like that. They would believe anything they are told like the easter bunny and such.

    The Bush administration wanted to invade the middle east so badly, that they piggy backed onto the plans of Osama Bin Laden. They knew that Bin Laden would most likely fail at his attempt so they helped him out. Even Bin Laden was probably suprised to see how much he was able to accomplish.
    He probably said WOW.
    Also, Enron had just been taken down and investigations into a great deal of corporate fraud was just beginning to get some speed.
    With one fell swoop, the perps destroyed all the records contained in building 7. End result, no more corporate fraud investigations.
    They even went as far as to kill all the Accountants and Auditors that the Navy had working on sorting out the missing 2.3 trillion dollars at the pentagon.
    Bush and company behaved just like Abbot and Costello on 911 and are seriously culpable. If I were George Bush Sr., I would force little boy George to admit what he did before the Bush name is worse than Mudd. That is unless George Sr. was involved as well.
    I really hope not.
    May the real truth come out in the end!

  21. roscooler says:

    550 mph? at sea level? can that be done?

    prolly global hawks.

  22. Anonymous says:

    It’s not remotely possible for any commercial aircraft to operate at these speeds anywhere in the world AT SEA LEVEL.

    At high altitude the airspeed indicator might read 280 kts but due to decreased atmospheric density however the true airspeed increases towards 480 or perhaps 500 knots.

    As the aircraft descends the true air speed also decreases towards 280 kts which is just about its maximum certified operating speed.

    Boeing knows that as do all the other manufacturers and hundreds of thousands of pilots throughout the world…. And now hopefully you.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I was previously a sceptic but what has me more convinced now is the fact that, as far as I can see, not one of the eight aeroplanes engines from the four planes have been found intact (or mostly intact) and yet they each weigh around 6 tonnes and are very tough objects designed to withstand high temperatures. In most plane accidents an engine is found in the debris. Flight 93 is the biggest mystery of all.

  24. Tapestry says:

    Flight 93 was shot down by a pilot acting against his orders. That left the plan short of a hjacked plane so the aerial attack on WTC 7 was no longer possible to carry out. Even if the plane wsn’t to be actually used, it was the cover story prepared for that purpose.

    WTC7 was pulled without any aerial attack as a consequence.

  25. nominedeus says:

    Hi Tap
    I have just had a thought and I am somewhat disturbed by it , I am in the UK and seem to remember watching the 9/11 thing happening first thing in the morning on my telly here(i may be wrong) but the point that disturbs me is was the footage I saw here ‘live’ if so how could it have been if it was yet to happen in NEW YORK, you are after all behind us timewise aren’t you, has anyone ever checked the relative time zones and the appearance of the ‘live’ footage in each one?
    I am old and my recollection may be wrong but have no way to check (I am no researcher on the web)
    Call me an idiot if you or your readers like but if I am right this surely could be important information2 Billion people saw ‘it’ “live”…did they?

  26. Tapestry says:

    I saw it on a monitor in a Tokyo nightclub at 1 am!! Maybe someone can work that out!

    I don’t know when it was broadcast in the UK.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Planes Hitting Twin Towers Were Computer Graphics.

    To save others from further embarrassment, I have said this to others; please take it as you will. I am no believer of the official account as I have displayed on my YT channel weneedhelp. My wife’s Uncle worked in New York within eyesight of the Twin Towers. HE SAW THE PLANE HIT THE TOWERS, and subsequently had a heart attack later that evening. While talking with him after his heart attack I have no doubt in my mind he saw what he saw. He had no reason to lie about it and the fear in his eyes while speaking about it was quite obvious it was a traumatizing event to have witnessed. The whole “no planes theory for the WTC Towers” discredits others with valid concerns on the events that took place that day. Not trying to hate here, just need the truth.

  28. Anonymous says:

    In addition to the asshole that runs this blog who claimed on my video which came from:
    The folks behind Fight For the Future have teamed up with Kirby Ferguson, who created the excellent everything is a remix series, have teamed up to put together a video about the problems with PROTECT IP/E-PARASITES. It’s worth a watch… and passing it on to others:

    What are you a fucking asshole that likes to get his blog associated with vids that have nothing to do with him?

    TRUST, a four letter word

  29. Tapestry says:

    I can understand the expletives, but what exactly in words that are understandable to simple folk like me are you saying?!

    Other anonymous, above 9.04 anonymous. Great. Let’s see evidence. A name would be nice. A recording. Without anything to support, I have to say I suspect a troll.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Tapestry said…
    Other anonymous – I was both so you are not “speaking” to 2 different ppl.
    A name would be nice. – Irrelevant
    A recording – Because I record all my intimate conversations with family. Sorry I am not the CIA.
    “I have to say I suspect a troll” – WOW just like the 911 truth bashers, but supposedly on “our” side. Interesting. Is that the equivalent of calling us conspiracy theorists to discredit? Go to YouTube and search user weneedhelp – Yeah I’m trolling.

    “simple folk like me are you saying” – You asked for it – The no-planers are full of it. No-planers = no-brainers. In the case of the Towers.

    The only trolling fuckwad here is whoever runs this blog that gets as seen on placed next to videos they have nothing to do with. Smells of desperation, and I can see why.

  31. Tapestry says:

    Calm down, give us a link, or go away.

  32. Anonymous says:

    So, how do you explain the thousands of people on the ground that saw the planes?

  33. Tapestry says:

    Watch the final video which analyses eyewitness statements. The vast majority saw no planes.

  34. gau8 says:

    Excellent post Tap’ and very good to see SC getting some extra exposure.

    This came to light a few days ago…,000-victims-of-9_11-missing-from-an-official-federal-registry-of-death%3F

    and yes it is from the MSM…so it must be true!

    Another interesting piece of information is this..

    …scroll down to the ‘hourly observations’ chart and you will see that between 9.51AM and 2.51PM on 11th Sept 2001 the sky over New York city was not the crystal clear conditions that we saw through our television sets but was rather suffering from ‘scattered cloud’ (defined meteorologically as between 5% and 50% cover)…weird that, because I cannot locate a single photograph / video from the day in question that corroborates what these lying, scumbag weathermen are on about!

    Here’s a ‘snap’ posted up to accompany an article intended to ridicule ‘conspiracy nutjobs’ by Damian Thompson of ‘Daily Telegraph’ fame on the 10th anniversary..

    I thought ‘hold on a minute, young Damian me lad’ you can’t just post up an entirely mocked up image like that and expect to get away with it unchallenged. So I made a comment as such together with this..

    ..and asked him as to how it was possible to frame ‘One Chase Manhattan Plaza’ (that’s the largest building to the left) through the ‘eye’ of Brooklyn bridge as shown. Surprisingly he didn’t get back to me.
    Of course, that is not the only anomaly. Check out the dome between the towers on Damian’s pic…what is that? the ‘winter gardens’ at the WFC is the only possible answer…except it seems to have grown by about 300 feet and its structure changed. There are loads of others too, tis a fun game of ‘spot the difference’ (minus that preposterous fireball).

    I think you’re absolutely correct to suggest to your commenters that have dismissed the work of September Clues to spend more time with it. It is natural that one will have developed his / her own ideas as to what really happened and its always a little galling to have those ideas challenged. It is a hugely extensive piece of work that goes way beyond the movie that was produced in 2007 (which does contain some mistakes, as Simon Shack is the first to confess…particularly the missile hypothesis).
    Once the introductions and film have been properly grasped, the forum threads that follow should keep one entertained, amazed and duly horrified for many weeks (9/11 is not the sole subject but ‘media fakery’ in general including all the other pathetic / warped ‘false flag’ incidents that have graced our consciences since).

    I’d like to leave you with an excellent little video put together by regular SC contributor ‘Tufa’ who independently thought through how they may have achieved continuity of the ‘plane impacts’ from multiple angles (something that would have been extremely difficult to achieve convincingly if it were all simply ‘from scratch’ digital animation…

  35. Anonymous says:

    Check this out especially after 7.00 mins

    A few really interesting reasons to destroy building 7 .

    Inside JOB confirmed?

    9-11 The Most Important Video Ever What Happened to WTC Building 7

    your thoughts?


  36. sleepchaser says:

    You may already of seen this, it’s covering a lot of the same stuff, well worth reading, Very concise.

  37. Anonymous says:

    the u.k heard about 9-11 at 9,30 am which is 4,30 am in new york as has been pointed out above that is the smoking gun to chase , the bbc reporting about wt7 30 minutes early is nothing on that go to a site called above top secret and look up a story called 9-11 my personal story 10 years on and see when people around the world heard about this

    • stealth says:

      That is nonsense, we heard about this in the UK in the afternoon . The 9 am time was the time in New York which you are getting confused about. NY is 5 hours behind us which correlates with the time being around 2 pm in the afternoon here.

  38. 釈情 says:

    first vid is private. grrr.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I have seen conclusive evidence that something, that would have to burn hotter then jet fuel would have to be used to get to the melting point of the metal beams. This was a staged act. There are people out there that might have known the truth if the loose ends weren’t already tied up. I’m thinking that thermite was used, along with semtex or C4 to do this sort of damage. This wasn’t the result of a huge plane hitting it, first off, because of the sky line, you’d have to really know how to fly around every thing, so as not to hit it. Then you would have be going so fast, that it’d be uncontrolable, thus, making it impossible to hit the marked target. I know guys who are crack fighter jet pilots who have taught at TOP GUN, and they said even for them it would be impossible to pull it off with something that large. This is a government cover up. There has been eye witness reports that some of the metal beams were ‘melted’ at various stages, said that it looked like ‘something cut through them, that’s how sheered off they looked like a welding torch was used to cut it.’ In the arguement of physics and science…that wouldn’t just happen due to jet fuel. I understand that it burns hotter, but not like the cuts in the metal that they were talking about. How could a building as big as the towers sustain so much damage from a plane hitting them? If that’s the case, then storms should’ve taken them down a long time ago. Another thing, they wouldn’t allow the public to ‘view’ the metal beams, they were taken off to a smelter, and melted and made into a ship, no photos exist that I am aware of of these beams, the way they were cut, or anything like that. I believe Thermite was used as was C4 and Semtex put in there at places that would weaken the building, and make it fall. There was a report however that surfaced shortly afterwards, that a dog did hit on an ‘explosive smell’ which would lead to C4, or semtex, or another explosive device being used…something to think about.

  40. Tapestry says:

    From other thread many comments discussing holograms being overlaid over flying disc, which carried the airplane engine – of wrong type aircraft! Ex-CIA Pilot etc.

  41. Anonymous says:

    This is very interesting and quite believable.

    I would like to point something out.

    A couple years after the Matrix trilogy came out I was into the drugs scene. I watched that trilogy on the street drug acid. I clearly remember that I was amazed how when the scenes changed from real life to computer graphics it was more than obvious unlike watching it with a clear head.

    Ive been off drugs for years but I would drop a hit of acid in a heartbeat to watch all of the clips from 9/11 to see if the cg is obvious or it looks like real life video.

    Just some food for thought guys…..

  42. Anonymous says:

    “where did the towers go “? they were never there. check out hollow towers.falling man check out gelatine art group. the animation of the planes hitting the towers seems so bad now so fake.
    just one photo,one small clip,any new shot of a plane….never gonna see one. there are no photos of a single plane taken by anyone in usa from that day. now that is remarkable.

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