NUS Demo. Was Removal Of Police Deliberate?

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No surprise to anyone that violence ensued – except the Police.  Why?

I’ll be back in the UK soon and can keep up with things better, but even from where I am (Asia), I can see that the ”student” attack on Conservative Party headquarters had the hallmarks of a new political situation.  Who or what was behind the Millbank Tower attack, which appeared to have been combined with the lack of an effective Police presence?  There were 50,000 demonstrators and only 200 Police.

The demo was known about in advance, and its potential for civil unrest.  The need for a large Police presence would, in any case, have been routine.  Where was it?  Intervention must have been made at high level to ensure the demonstration was as threatening as possible (the whole tone of the demonstration’s message was one of attack), and that there was no response or control put in place.  The riot Police were not on hand as they should have been, as they were in droves to face down the Countryside Alliance a few years ago.  Someone somewhere knew what they doing, and wanted to send a warning message to the government to back up, and get a scene of uncontrolled violence splashed across the media.

Serious intimidation was used.  It was clearly directed and was not a spontaneous outburst.  Was this the beginnings of a campaign to to defend the client state, which is a key One World Government installation in western societies.  Out of this, they intend to launch a civilian state-controlled paramilitary force to rival the Police and the Army, as is already happening in the US with Obama’s backing.   Such an intended force will have no loyalty to past traditions of freedom and democracy.

The same crushing of morale in the Police that has been inflicted on the Army and the Navy could be starting, as part of the process.  How will the young Police Officers left deliberately defenceless against the ”student” mob be feeling, many of them injured and all lucky that not one was killed?   This was a paramilitary response targeted onto a Conservative Party that has decided to reduce the size of the state, and the state in reply decided to ensure the ”demonstration” was as dangerous as possible, in the process exposing its employees to severe hazard.  Such events cannot happen by chance.

There is a pattern here.  There is a continual crushing of our traditional institutions going on, and the workings of our democracy.  The intention by the OWG is to replace these with a corrupt new edifice, loyal to outside forces.  In the USA, one question being asked of recruits to the coming paramilitary civilian army is ”would you be willing to open fire on your fellow citizens, if commanded to do so?”  ”Students” like young people in Germany before WW2 will do their bidding, if the money’s there and with the necessary style of leadership.  You can see the existence of just such leadership and coaching sitting behind the violent behaviour of the NUS ”students”.

Even now, I wonder if I’m wrong about Cameron being a traitor.  He may have sold out to the EU, but when you see what happened to JFK, RFK, Mountbatten, Neave, Princess Diana, Pim Fortuyn, you have to think that if Cameron did openly talk resistance to One World Government structures, such as the EU, he wouldn’t survive very long.

I am still not 100% sure as to what is going on at the top of the Conservative Party.  Maybe there is an internal struggle going on, with Cameron sold out, but Osborne still determined to reduce the power of the state.  Was Osborne the target of the demonstrations?  He was more directly in their political path.

With this NUS demo, you see forces at work, that are sending a political warning.  This is by someone who can not only control the NUS (with money no doubt), but also the High Command of the Police.

There are strange undercurrents becoming visible in these events which I don’t fully understand, but which have elements that fit with the picture of the same worldwide secret organisation that JFK warned of just before he was assassinated, and which have put the world since 911 onto an aggressive warlike footing.

We don’t understand anything any more.  Events such as this, just like 911, don’t fit with our current perceptions, which means there are other factors involved, parties working behind the scenes arranging and coordinating, with definite aims and plans.

Yet not everything is going the way of the One World Government, as the economic collapse of the Eurozone indicates.  And The Tea Party in America is driving politics hard towards a return to democratic accountability.  The forces of totalitarian suppression are racing to overpower freedom,  but freedom is starting to fight back.  The internet enables us to quickly see the lies surrounding 911 itself, and the terrifying fact that the events of that day were carried out, at least with the cooperation of the media, and possibly even carried out by a section operating within the American State to wound and deceive its own people.

Yet who exactly are these enemies of our states, our traditions and our freedom?

The NUS demo and the lack of any Police to stop them tells us that they are also marching in our midst, unseen and silent, yet in control, just as surely as they are elsewhere.

If Osborne is becoming a target, then he deserves our support.

Or are the government doing a 911 and using the demo as a way to rein in support from the so-called ‘right wing’, stopping the eurosceptics from breaking away?  One day we might know the answers.  But at least we ask the questions.  Ten years ago it was simply incredible that governments would use such tactics on their own citizens.

Read Brian Paddick, who points out that London’s best Police leaders were all retired by Sir Ian Blair, reducing the force’s effectiveness, and bringing it under political control.  The Police are affected by incompetence at high level, he claims, but why remove all the good commanders for no apparent reason, unless there is another agenda?

Sir Ian Blair was got rid of by Mayor Boris Johnson, but the lackeys he put in place are still running the Met.  The effective commanders have not been brought back in.  The reasons for the breakdown in law and order at Millbank seem to be political, in the sense that someone powerful desired a violent scene played out for the benefit of the world’s media, a kind of mini 911.  The Police have been penetrated at high level by politically motivated members of the secret network that desires our country’s demise.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Where does Common Purpose fit into all of this? Colin

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where does Common Purpose fit in to all of this? Colin

  3. Tapestry says:

    There are thousands of common purpose graduates in the police. Their role is secret but presumably an unofficial network that has penetrated the police is able to control decision-taking at high level. Common Purpose might well such a network able to leave politicians defenceless to order. That’s the problem with secrecy. Very few will know who is actually in control. The result must be fear and a fall in morale amongst regular channels of command.

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