North Korean Aggression Enjoys Tacit Chinese Support

The latest act of aggression by North Korea firing shells on civilians and marines is a sign of growing tensions in the region.  But less obvious is the tacit approval of China of North Korea’s actions.
CNN A U.S. official with knowledge of U.S. strategy on North Korea says it may be time to adjust U.S. military policy in the region.
While the exercises “are designed to deter further provocative behavior by North Korea, obviously it’s not working,” the official said. “When we announced joint military exercises in the Yellow Sea, it only angered China. And in other waters, it doesn’t seem to be effective deterrence against the North Koreans.”
The Americans were involved in joint exercises with South Korea.  It was lucky there were no Americans killed.  It would have been just great for Sino-American relations if that had happened, and China had made a statement along the lines she has done.
At a recent arms show in Shanghai, many Chinese companies had display boards of an imaginary battle, in which missiles were deployed against a naval battle fleet with aircraft carriers.  The island was obviously Taiwan and the fleet was obviously American.

In the world’s new balance of power, naval power might be getting close to obsolete.  In The Falklands War nearly thirty years ago, ships were seen as highly vulnerable to the few missiles available.  The more modern missiles are able to take an unpredictable path and be almost impossible to intercept, and China is making them.

China is clearly signalling that an American naval presence in what she now regards as her waters will not be tolerated.  As the expert says, it might well be time to adjust American military policy in the region.  There would be few gainers from a shooting war between America and China, which could be triggered by any of the flash points where territory is disputed.  Japan, South Korea, Russia and the USA need to decide where to concede and where to defend, and make things chrystal clear.  The problem of China’s growing military power will not be going away, and her willingness to countenance its use, and that of North Korea.
CNN – Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said China had “taken note of relevant reports” and expressed its “concern.” “Relevant facts need to be verified, and we hope both parties make more contributions to the stability of the peninsula,” he said.
Hardly a condemnation.  In fact rather the opposite.
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