Will There Be A Mass Defection Of UKConservative MPs?


I trust Fausties Blog saw the EU Governance debate today and withessed the sad but predictable outcome.

Only 40 MP’s owe their allegiance to the UK Parliament and the interests of the British people.  Most Tory MP’s together with Labour and Limp Dims have de-facto declared their first loyalty is to a foreign power over which we have no rights of veto – the EU.

To those 40 patriots I say thank you, to the rest I offer my utmost contempt.

Perhaps these 40 hardy souls will now finally realise that the Conservative Party is never to be trusted. Time to give Cameron the bloody nose he deserves and stage a mass defection to UKIP.

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When someone else writes it best………………………….  Thank you, Sentinel.

The only difference I would make to what you say, is that the forty should in fact first try to dislodge Cameron if they can, and otherwise wound him.

If that fails, they should not declare for UKIP, but for a UKCP, a United Kingdom Conservative Party, which should put up candidates in all the country’s seats, calling on UKIP to form an electoral pact, and replace the EUCP which currently is in government in Coalition with the Lib Dems.  The loss of the europhiles would be made up for by the arrival of UKIP and other non-voters waiting for a party which actually represents their views.  The majority of Conservatives should be willing to move across, and abandon Cameron and Hague.

If the picture is correct that we are getting of the workings of One World Government, emergng gradually from the words of Lord James, and from the writings of  the late Joan Veon, the EU is only the very tip of the OWG iceberg.  The seat of government has moved from Westminster, not only to Brussels, but to a murky mix of central bankers, environmentalists, royalty and corrupt bureaucracies, of which the EU is merely one.

A new political party is needed to start getting to grips with the new situation, and it needs to be an off-shoot from the current Conservative Party, not a bolt-on to UKIP as you suggest, which is not a great set-up at its core.  The founders of the new UK Conservative Party need to set their own rules of democratic accountability, using many of the forms of the current Conservative Party, but hurling out the rotten parts which will otherwise consume it entirely.

UK Conservative MPs and MEPs should embark on this venture from here, now planning how to do this.  There is no alternative future.  They should plan in secrecy, and only reveal when they are ready to move.  They need to work like the POWs in Tom, Dick and Harry, digging an escape tunnel from the prison camp, they now find themselves living within.

They must find ways to hide the earth as they dig, and get as many worthy characters out as they can.  The totalitarian powers that surround us will not line the escapers up to be machine-gunned, but,  the moment the plan is detected, every other opportunity of harassment, and confidence-breaking will be deployed, especially in the media.  Email should not be used, or phones.  All talk has to be face to face only.  And the UKCP project called by a code name.  If they succeed, it will be the most important Great Escape in the history of the world, but as with the inhabitants of Stalag Luft 3, the odds are stacked against success.

Success may not be quick, but as honest and capable representatives of free human beings, they are at least bound to try.  Otherwise we are all pawns of the mighty gold barons who are holding the world to ransom through the secretive operations of the OWG.  We need to start fighting back, and this is the only way available.  Money must not be allowed to rule the world, and turn us all into slaves.  The human spirit has to survive.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    May I suggest eutruth.org.uk which explains it is Vital to remove the EU/ECHR along with the Liberal Democrats,Labour & Tories, without these Parasites as a Country Britain will Prosper and thrive waiting untill 2015 is a disaster it may allow hapless Ed Miliband & Balls to creep back into Government there are plenty of parties such as NewBritain and UKIP with Independents that are commited to removing the Vile EU/ECHR from Great Britain

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