Jim Corr Calls Ireland To Take To The Streets In Dublin – 11am Saturday.

Powerful stuff.  Let’s hope people respond.  This is an intelligent appeal to a peaceful rebellion to stop the destruction of the Irish people.  It is certainly worth watching.  I’m not sure how he hopes to close down Dublin for a week without some kind of civil strife and some casualties given the current brutal response of the Garda to street marches.

The IRA are talking of attacking bankers in the City of London.  But the banks there are just as much the victims of the same scams that have ruined Irish banks.  The people who own the money who are in effective world power should be the targets of the resistance, not their victims.  The central banks, and their agents, who carry out their market manipulations.  But in truth the IRA will only assist the powers that be to impose martial law all the quicker.  It is a totally inappropriate response, and totally counterproductive.  Do you think that they haven’t planned for a violent backlash?

Jim Corr’s approach is the only one that makes any sense.  To mobilise a popular uprising, throw out the government and demand that the banks are not bailed out by Irish citizens and the losses be carried by the bondholders.  The problem is that no politicians are trusted.  And even if the current government falls, the next one could be just as corrupt.

In this video Jim Corr sets the tone for the beginnings of a political movement, which could grow and ultimately take control of the country back from the elites that are destroying it.  It’s an Irish version of The Tea Party, yet more poignant and urgent than the American one.  People in Ireland are deeply shocked by what is happening to them.  They must pick themselves up and start on a course of political activism which will bring a government into power worthy of the name.

Cowen must be got rid of instantly and all his cronies.  That is the first step.  Jim and others like him must seize the airways back from the corrupt media which is just as much part of the system destroying the country as the current government.  That’s why Jim’s fighting his battles on the internet and in meetings around the country.  Turn off the TV, and the radio.  They will only confuse the issues. The truths are simple now.  Freedom is threatened, and people need to fight back.  Ireland is lucky to have Jim Corr to guide them.  11am Wood Quay.  Be There.

But be ready for Garda brutality.  It is becoming the normal procedure in Dublin for the Police to beat demonstrators off the streets.  They can’t beat a million people, though, you would think.  It’s the only way.  http://www.indymedia.ie/article/98153


Comment underneath Jim Corr’s Youtube Call To The Streets, By Someone Else, not Jim himself! –

I lowered the EU flag at the Cavan Courthouse this afternoon. I then cut it from it’s rope, dropped it on the ground and trampled on it. I then walked down the street, back to where I had parked. 

I drove by the courthouse 10 min. later, and noticed that someone had removed the rag…er…flag. The whole event was very liberating. I suggest you and your friends might try doing the same. 

FYI some of the flags are affixed to poles with plastic ties, so you’ll need a ladder.

(comment noticed by Rosie)

Listen to The Corrs, the group that musician Jim is famous for, here playing rhythm guitar in Runaway –

One thing he ain’t doin’ is running away.  Neither should any of us.  They can’t fight us all.

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5 Responses to “Jim Corr Calls Ireland To Take To The Streets In Dublin – 11am Saturday.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good work, Jim, what you did to that euro-trash flag. Whatever happens now, the euro-trash at last have an enemy. Up to now, their opponents have supinely & bemusedly stood by as the represenataives they voted for sold them down among the poisonous waters of the euro-trash river. Now the strike back begins. And well done you, Jim, for being the one to strike the first blow!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Surely not the same Jim Corr who accepted an MBE from that nice Mrs Windsor in England?
    I suppose the whole sovereignty thing takes a while to figure out for some people….

  3. Tapestry says:

    Until the Euro started crashing, the issue of Ireland’s sovereignty seemed settled. Jim Corr is very brave to go public with his doubts about the EU, and give publicity to others who have ideas about who is running things above the level of the nations, on his website.

    We’ve all taken a long time to realise and understand only some of what’s happening. We should only look forwards from here if we are to stand a chance of finding our way through what’s coming.

    Jim looks and sounds very saddened by what’s happening, and he must be a little afraid of what could happen too. He’s someone you can trust i9n all of this, a very rare person.

  4. Craig says:

    I would never have expected Jim, the silent one from the Corrs band, to become an outspoken opponent of the EU and NWO and willingly put his reputation on the line. Fair play to him and I hope he has an impact on the consensus here in Ireland.

  5. LaughOutLoud says:

    Hi Jim,

    I think your clear honest intentions are exactly what we need…. Iife only people could see the TRUTH..

    keep it up!! stop the enslavery!!

    I am going to do a comedy set on this great evil!!

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