JFK Warned The World Was Being Taken Over By A Secret Organisation

Any readers from the USA visiting here?  My site analysis shows nil today, which is odd, as I normally I get 25% of visitors from the US.   Is this being censored?

Here is JFK warning the world about what was starting to happen as far back in time as 1963.  Three weeks later he was dead.  The One World Government is now able to pull stunts anywhere it wishes, and make it appear to be the work of others, as it sees fit, just as when they assassinated JFK.  Assassination and intimidation are the hallmarks of their work.  Only very devious, clever and brave people will be able to stand up to what has been going on a very long time.

More evidence has surfaced recently, as reported on CNN, that no plane ever hit the Pentagon on 911.  That too was fabricated.  One of the planes that was said to be one of the ones that crashed into the towers, was later seen by a pilot at an airport in Chicago.  None of the American Airlines flights were scheduled to fly that day.  Voice recordings of people on the hijacked planes were released, yet none of the planes had mobile phone capability.  There are many videos from 911 talking of explosions inside the Towers being used to bring the buildings down.  The list of facts that don’t stack up with the official version of the events of 911 are endless.

CCTV sees explosion but no plane hitting Pentagon.

Take it all one step at a time.  The next video has musical interludes, but includes credible reports that sum up the deceptions that apparently were made by Bush and the other members of the New World Order, including indication that they were planning a ”Pearl Harbour” type operation in 2000.  
There must one day be court hearings.  If the Tea Party wins power, they will haul Bush in front of a trial to question him what he knew, and about what really happened on 911, including reports of multiple explosions in the Twin Towers, and Bush having lied on camera about what he knew.

The number of people who are realising 911 was an inside job, carried out by a secret network working within the US government is growing.  The fightback is growing.  The anger is growing.  America is getting ready to spit these people out.  Britain should be doing the same.

But who in Britain is implicated?  Blair?  For sure, falsifying military intelligence to please the One World Government and get us into Iraq.  Cameron?  Probably, as he drives Britain deeper and deeper within the EU, and he dismantles our navy.  The deception of the people goes right to the very top, but the truth will one day come out.  They can assassinate Kennedy for warning as to what was going to happen, but they can’t assassinate millions of people who are wising up to what these people are attempting to do.

The internet is a great tool to deploy in educating people as to the threats we now face.  Pass on the story to your friends.

The primary means of control will be a system of electronic money.  Rockefeller described it all to this fella including a description of 911 a year before it happened –

As Aaron says, the truth will have to come out about 911.  That’s why he’s giving the interview.   They tried to recruit him to the One World Government network, with the promise of making big money.  Aaron kept asking his recruiters,”what’s the point of all this?”  Listen to how he describes them, their coldness, their lack of caring, and their greed for power.  He explains how they want to break up families, and get kids into school where they can be indoctrinated.   You may not want to believe all this.  But you have to watch it all.  Take your time.  It will challenge many of your assumptions as to what kind of world you are living in.

NEW INFORMATION reveals that George H.W.Bush was acting suspiciously on the day it happened.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good stuff! Just keep the pressure up – the enemy can not survive sustained exposure.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Followed your link from Guido’s place – great post. There used to be no bigger critic than I of “conspiracy theorists”, “911 truthers” etc. That was until I saw the “infamous” live BBC broadcast of 9 Sep 2001 reporting the collapse in great detail of WTC7…..24 minutes before it happened. (Do a search on Youtube for “BBC WT7”)
    There is NO rational explanation for that. None. The ONLY conclusion you can come to is a truly frightening one – the BBC press released too early.
    Watch films like Zeitgeist and Endgame….but don’t automatically accept that as the truth – do your own research, try and prove this stuff wrong. And when you find you can’t you’ll have your Matrix “blue pill” moment.
    Keep up the good work Tap

  3. Derek says:

    I am glad you have decided to place this information on your blog, but cannot help but wonder why it has taken so long to either; pluck up the courage to do so; or to find these information sources as revelations. They have existed, as has much more, for many years, but previously those supporting or considering such ideas have alwasy been labelled cranks, conspiracy theorists, and nutters.

    Here’s another:

    There are many more.

    The political and financial world is not as we have been shown it is. Fewer than a dozen or so have true control. Their greatest fear is in being discovered, and no, I do not know who. It’s just a conspiracy theory, but eugenics will play a big part if they have their way.

  4. Tapestry says:

    It takes a long time to absorb the separate pieces of information that are available and imagine a way that they all link up.

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