Ireland Is Only The First To Realise Her Freedom Has Gone

At the same time as Ireland falls ever deeper into the financial mire, caused by its government’s decision to carry the losses of its banks, there appears a report that the privately owned Bank Of International Settlements has made huge gains by trading against the clearing banks of countries like Britain and Ireland.  These gains have been made by privately owned central banks who took the bets from the banks that are now bust, who imagined the markets they were trading in, were open and fair.  They did not realise that they were being heavily manipulated by people who watched their every move, and who then cleaned them out.

The money is now in the hands of private individuals who own the world’s central banks, or at least, they are the people who own and lend the money, and control what’s going on, whether they nominally own the shares or not.  They are the effective owners, as they make the decisions.

One financial expert, Michael Bolser, writes the following today –
Recycling the BIS Gross Derivatives Surplus
One of my major assertions is that the huge Bank For International Settlements (BIS) Derivative Book showed a $19 trillion gross Dollar surplus in 2009 and I see that gross Dollar surplus as being fed back into the participating IMF and BIS countries proportionately at the expense of those who placed the “Wrong” financial bets (Pension funds, Credit Default Swaps, countries incorrectly imaging they were engaged in a free derivatives market, etc.).

Michael Bolser is a trader himself and he tends towards some wilder theories on occasions, but who can deny that Britain’s and Ireland’s banks (and most other European banks) are effectively bust, and are having to be bailed out by their governments, sending them all into huge deficits which are impoverishing their people?

The world had become a giant casino with seemingly unstoppable profits for bankers, except it was all a game which was being controlled carefully by the house, to rip off the faces of the participants in the final deal of the cards.  It is now too late, and all the money is lodged with the House – in the hands of the world’s central banks – which governments now have to turn to for loans to keep their economies afloat.

What is the agenda of these now hugely powerful bankers?  And who are they?  This is no longer about money but about political power?

If there is a group of hugely powerful individuals who can now dictate the terms of political power throughout the world, it would be nice to at least know their names.  Why should they be permitted to operate in secret and rig all markets and events to their own desires and preferences?  These are the world’s new aristocrats who are now immensely powerful, able to act in secret above the level of democratically accountable nation states, as powerful as any monarch or emperor throughout history. 

They are so powerful they can select the politicians they want to win ”elections” and have them delivered to order.

And yet no revolution can take place with the cutting off of their heads by guillotine, as their identities are unknown, and their networks and existence deniable.  The only place they can be exposed is in the internet.  Every day we find out a little bit more, and yet most people still have no idea at all as to why their countries are effectively being bankrupted.  Most have no idea what a central bank is, let alone that they are now immensely powerful and able to dictate the terms of peoples’lives across the globe, and that these are private people, with money beyond the reach of any state, and on an almost unimaginable scale.

If we effectively have a global government, we need new institutions to control its works – a global democracy.  But instead we have a global totalitarianism, getting more powerful by the day, able and willing to play with the lives of the people who live on this planet like feathers on the wind.

The Irish resist calls to demand an EU bail-out, hoping to survive by making further cuts in the budget, while Greece is asking for a longer period of time to pay back the monies handed over to bail out her government. Someone somewhere soon is going to default, triggering an avalanche of worry.  The central bankers will be able to publicly parade their wealth, through the front of the IMF, which is French controlled, with Strauss Kahn, its President.

No wonder Cameron is bowing down to all French pressure on the Navy, and regulation of The City, and EU Economic Governance at this stage.  Britain’s financial crisis is far from resolved, and Cameron could yet need huge sums to bail out Britain.  We are no more free than Ireland, in truth.  Our debts have enslaved us, and we are years away from being able to move on.

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  1. stedra rulz says:

    You have to ask yourself, what is in Fianna Fáil’s best political interest?

    There are suspicions, that they want to pass the responsibility for seeking a bailout on to the next government.

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