Hear A Rothschild Speak.

Sir Evelyn De Rothschild was interviewed in New York by CNBC in 2008.  As someone associated with many of the world’s central banks, and probably Foundation X, it is interesting to hear him talking.  He sounds British, says he’s British, and he is British, even though his name is German (a bit like the British Royal family, whose original name Saxe Coburg Gotha was changed to Windsor to hide their German origins.  Or Mountbatten whose family name was originally Battenburg.  Yet as the de Rothschilds were not personally in the public eye, and the name was an important banking brand, the name survived.)  His accent is similar to that of British royalty as well as his origins.  It is rare to see him on camera.

His position will be placed under far greater scrutiny with the coming Euro crisis, and the position of all central bankers.  Here he is trying to blame the lesser banks, and national governments who he claims ignored the basic rules of running an economy by not supervising and by permitting excessive gearing over a fifteen year period.  Yet out of this folly, the central banks, privately owned by people like him have made trillions by trading against them, and being big enough to manipulate any market they choose.  They now hold most of the money lost by the risk-taking he describes, by hedge funds and banks, which are in serious difficulties.

He speaks as follows –

We’re all in this together.  If capitalism is to continue…    regulation is important, but you need supervisors.  We in England….supervise better than in the US.

Directors should understand what they are doing.  The gearing by the banks was not understood.

I’m invested in government bonds.  I’m not in banking any more.  I retired four years ago.

Don’t have huge overdrafts.  Banks were geared 70/80 times.

Small businesses are the key.

We had a wonderful Prime Minister called Mrs Thatcher, who sorted out the Unions.

The last fifteen years, people ignored the basics of how to run a  business, and thought they could do anything they wanted.  We need to get back to basics.

Here is the video of the interview.


The Discovery Channel on The Rothschilds, claiming they own $500 trillion. 

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