”Foundation X A Hoax” Stories are Not Convincing


In this report on zdnet, the Treasury states that it will not ”pursue” Foundation X’s offer to supply funds to Britain.  That decision, however, would rest with The Chancellor Of The Exchequer acting in cabinet with the PM.  If the Funds were to be made use of, they would be supplied via the Treasury, who would account for them.  It would not be the Treasury’s job to pursue or get involved with the government’s negotiations and decision as to whether to access them.

There are a few articles appearing declaring Foundation X a hoax this weekend, two weeks after Lord James first went public, from the Sunday Times and Reuters.  It seems odd coming after so long, that the suggestion of a hoax wasn’t made earlier.  It seems more like  a bureaucratic late response than a journalistic investigation providing any facts.  Foundation X remains journalistically undiscovered.  If the story is genuine, you would expect accusations of a hoax to surface.  The stories that have surfaced so far are not very convincing, whereas Lord James is convinced that he is talking to a real organisation.

The exact legal identity of Foundation X is not necessary to know, to be able to make some educated guessesd as to who lies behind them.  The Central Banks of the world are either privately owned (like The Fed in the US) or they channel privately owned funds to governments.  Foundation X would probably be a front organisation for a European based central banker such as Rothschild or Prince Charles, who want to ease the financial crisis, unlike the Rockefeller/Bush side of the central banking world who are happy to see the countries of the world subjugated by their debts, enabling themselves to become supremely powerful, breaking them on the wheel of debt,  a technique used worldwide by the world’s Central Bankers for decades in The Third World.  The only difference is now the same technique is being used to subjugate the countries of the ”rich” world, and their peoples, along with the sister techniques of corrupting the elites, and eliminating opponents.

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5 Responses to “”Foundation X A Hoax” Stories are Not Convincing”

  1. X hoax says:

    ” There are a few articles appearing declaring Foundation X a hoax this weekend, two weeks after Lord James first went public,”

    I think you’re flogging a dead horse here. The MSM get their news mostly from blogs or just make it up. Cranmer’s blog ( a source that the daily Mail uses) was reporting this X nonsense as a hoax over a week ago and the MSM have just noticed.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks X Hoax. I’m back in the UK next week, after two months away and I’m looking forward to being able to keep up with the media better than I can here.

    That said, Reuters and The Sunday Times, both firing off at once, looks like a rubbishing exercise has been ordered at media central.

    Cranmer had no detail on Foundation X, just expressed a natural old buffer’s ‘what’s this tripe?’ kind of reaction.

  3. Robin says:

    Straight away , if we are to scrutinise and ascertain whether a conspiracy theory hold water , is to ask questions about it.If we dont recieve straight answers , or no answera at all , then we can debunk it as a hoax.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Not necessarily, Robin. If someone has power over you, they could chose not to reply, or reveal information.

  5. Robin says:

    But you can answer questions put to you .

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