Farage Win Sets Scene For UKIP Surge

Go Nigel.  The field is yours.

With the coalition selling out to the EU as fast as it can, the majority of British people who want power repatriated from Brussels have no one representing them.  Today Clegg added his voice to that of Cameron and Hague.

The FT writes –  Nick Clegg: Coalition will not “reopen this issue of the repatriation of powers” from EU

In an interview with the FT, Nick Clegg, UK Deputy PM and leader of the Liberal Democrats, has declared that the Coalition Government would not use the negotiations over a new EU treaty to repatriate powers from Brussels to London, through a referendum. “We are not going to reopen this issue of the repatriation of powers. We are not proposing to go backwards”, he said. However, Clegg warned that the UK’s cooperation must be matched by serious reforms of the budget and the way EU business is conducted. “There is no interest for the EU in getting entirely on the wrong side of public opinion on this budget issue…They have got to get real. You can’t make these budget decisions in a political vacuum”, he said.
The same might be said to him.  You’ve got to get real too, Mr Clegg.  You can’t have a government that is sold out to European power, and expect the people who object strongly to that policy to sit still and meekly obey your commands.
Today UKIP voted 60% in favour of Nigel Farage to be reappointed as the Party’s leader.  With the state of the coalition as it is, and Cameron breaking all his promises on resisting transfer of fruther powers to the EU,  UKIP has only one way to go – up and in my opinion, far and fast.  UKIP needs to surge and overtake the Liberal Democrats in national politics as its intermediate objective.  In the EP the Lib Dems are already trailing behind UKIP.  Clegg will find himself out of the coalition business if UKIP rolls forward, and Conservatives decide to dump Cameron on the back of that.  Way to go.
It’s funny how opinion polls have stopped reporting Óthers’of late.  I wonder if the UKIP surge has already started, and the media is running scared, and does not want to report it.  Conservative eurosceptics have to break ranks now and back UKIP to the point that the Party can rival the Liberal Democrats and win seats.  Unless Britain has really given up the fight as Clegg is demanding.

Conservatives can only stop the inevitable collapse of their party by dumping Cameron and putting UKIP out of business.  Farage will find an army behind him the moment he starts to march.

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5 Responses to “Farage Win Sets Scene For UKIP Surge”

  1. I gave up on Cameron before the election, which he could have easily won it with a promise of a referendum when this present “re negotiation ” of Lisbon was mooted in the week running up to voting day. His dishonesty makes him far worse than the avowed euro-fanatic Clegg.

    Farage is one of a kind. He will need great resilience to withstand the sewage that will be coming his way, but I rather think he may have it. If there is anyone with the voice we need to hear it is Farage. He has his faults as they all do, but he’ll do for me. Lead on Nigel.

  2. Tapestry says:

    UKIP Conservative-hating is counterproductive to the task of recruiting Conservatives. UKIP has to stick to the sales pitch and spend less time on tribal rituals, historical evaluations, hatreds and rages. There is only one objective. It’s not emotional. It’s not divisive but inclusive.

    Tantrums are the hallmark of losers.

    We are simply about one thing – getting Britain out of Europe, confidently and purposefully looking forward, and never backward.

  3. H3xperiment says:

    I’m Conservative to the core, call me a Tebbit Tory.

    Since Cameron held the press conference on Lisbon, and backed down… I am no longer Conservative, I joined UKIP that very same day. That does not mean I am not Conservative, that just means the Conservative party is no longer conservative, in my view.

    I voted vote Farage in the UKIP election, not because he is the best, but because he is the best on offer. UKIP need to sort their shit out big time though, they need to not just advicate a withdrawl from the EU, they need to set out an alternative path. Until we have that, no Westminster MP will step on that path.

    We need to somehow gather enough money to launch a major cost/benefit analysis of EU membership… we will have a MAJOR stick to beat the pro-EU lobby then.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Just hold an IN/OUT referendum, is a good way to handle that issue.

    Farage is one of the best communicators, equal with Lord Monckton, who is a bit new to aspire to leadership just yet and might scare a few of the horses with his wonderful schoolmasterly put-downs!

    It seems on the grapevine that Farage has the support of the NEC this time. Last time he never got control of the Party which was was a shambles. Still some sorting to do apparently but from a position of control that will be possible. This time UKIP might be serious. It’s worth one more gamble at this stage.

  5. H3xperiment says:

    I couldn’t agree more, IN/OUT referendum.

    The question is – how do we get it.
    Cons, Lab and LD’s won’t give it… ever.

    Only way to get it is to make it an issue, we have to make the case for it.

    I believe the only way to do it is to make it relevant to every Brit… that can be done by being opportunistic – waiting for a big EU fcukup (highly likely, but way-off the radar).. or by building a popular case for withdrawl (working for it).

    I hope Farage gives Tim Congdon a prominent position and gives him a free reign to make the economic case for withdrawl.

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