Did Michael Portillo Know About 7/7 In Advance?

Browsing Jim Corr’s website this morning, I found this item..  The court where the relatives of the 7/7 victims are bringing their case asking for information to be revealed was sent this file by Anthony Hill . As a result of his helpfully trying to assist the judge to reach a correct decision, he is now being charged with a crime carrying a potential sentence of life imprisonment.

The evidence he delivered to the court contains disturbing information about the London bombing on 7/7 2005.  One item indicates that Michael Portillo said in a Panorama programme that coverage of a mock terrorist attack was being planned and arranged as an exercise involving the BBC, but the mock attack had an eerily similar narrative” to the bombings of 2005 that actually happened a couple of months later.


More than a year before the 7/7/2005 attacks, on the 16th of May 2004, an edition of the BBC ONE Panorama programme broadcasted a mock exercise, imagining what would happen if a terrorist-attack was executed in London, in the NEAR FUTURE, consisting of three explosions on tube-trains in the London Underground, and one explosion on a road vehicle.
The following excerpt from the BBC transcript of the programme, gives us a good idea of why this programme was made…

“PRICE: If there are now bombs going off above ground, in this case a lorry being attacked, it could happen anywhere, so the potential for mass panic across not just the capital, but the whole country, is very much with us. I think therefore we need to look at more serious measures. 

We do have reserve powers in effect to take over the BBC if we were to wish to, and to get them to broadcast whatever we wanted them to broadcast. Those powers are there in the Broadcasting Act. 

My advice to the Prime Minister would be not to use those, but I think we should be talking to the broadcasters about having the Prime Minister on the air very quickly.

(Lance Price worked in 10 Downing St for Tony Blair as a less well known adviser/spin doctor, and subsequently returned to journalism/reporting.  He published The Spin Doctor’s Diary about his time in Number 10.)

GILBERTSON: You wouldn’t disagree with that Michael at all? 

PORTILLO: No, I entirely agree that the Prime Minister should be out there, and we shouldn’t be using the powers to bring in the BBC, but we should certainly be talking to the broadcasters, about the way in which the coverage is going to be organised.” (end quote)

Please note well that he said, “the coverage is going to be ORGANISED.” In other words, he was saying that they would write the script for, then edit and control, the media coverage of an event in which there were three explosions on London tube-trains, and one on a road vehicle, if such an event were to take place in the near future. The question that begs to be asked is this: was that what they were actually in the process of planning, and precisely the reason for that programme?

Gavin Esler: This is the kind of terrorist attack the government repeatedly says is going to happen.
March 2004 David Blunkett, Home Secretary: “We’ve been absolutely clear we can’t guarantee that there will never be an attack. It’s quite likely that they’re planning one now.”

Michael Portillo says, “I am wondering about the purpose and effect of this very programme.”

Hill’s take on this –

This BBC Panorama programme appears to have been used by those behind the 7/7/2005 attack, as the means by which the media’s response to the attack in the near future was studied, so it could be controlled and directed towards their own ends. 

Mr. Price plays the “bad cop” and issues the threat of taking over control of the BBC, and then Mr. Portillo plays the “good cop” and says that there is no need to do that, as long as the BBC behaves itself, and broadcasts whatever they want them to. 

The “good cop”, “bad cop” scenario is just theatre, to deceive the viewer. The reality is that the BBC is a government propaganda machine and is already, and always has been, controlled and used by the government.

It would be interesting to hear how Price and Portillo see things now, in the light of the fact that the actual bombings that took place were the same in detail as the events they visualised in the exercise they were planning.  The unbelievable coincidence is that the exercise and the real attack took place on exactly the same day.

To see the rest of Hill’s file sent to the court, visit the link above – in the first line.

He is now facing the threat of imprisonment –


Dublin, Ireland, Nov 11, 2010 -The Supreme Court of Ireland ordered Anthony John Hill, 62, also known by supporters as “Muad’Dib” the producer of the “7/7 Ripple Effect” documentary, to be remanded back into custody pending immediate extradition from Ireland to the United Kingdom for posting copies of his film to a UK courthouse.
It is alleged that Mr. Hill “intended to pervert the course of justice” by sending copies of his documentary film, “7/7 Ripple Effect”, to a UK courthouse, requesting that the court administrators deliver the DVDs to the judge and jury foreman in a case related to three men accused of helping plan the 2005 London tube-train bombings. All three men have since been found not guilty on those charges. However, as a result of posting the DVDs, Mr. Hill now faces extradition and a possible life sentence in the UK.
The documentary itself has found wide-spread support from around the world by highlighting irregularities in the government’s official report of what transpired on 7/7, 2005, causing many people to question the integrity of the government’s original story.

All I would add is , never mind as to whether Portillo knew the exercise was actually the setting up of the real attack, in which the ”bombers” were duped in taking part.  What about Blair?  He must have known the exercise was the real event.

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