Deflationary Times Are Good For Female Politicians

Where are Britain’s Depression-busting ”Mama Grizzlies”?

When will the world finally get the message about inflation?   In the USA, inflation is near to zero, and is at the lowest level on record, since the rate was first measured in 1957.  People talk about hyperinflation being inevitable, as a result of the Fed printing money, yet all the signs are, that despite the $2 trillion of QE already delivered, prices are getting set not to accelerate, but fall into deflation.

The FT reports –

Excluding volatile food and energy prices, the consumer price index rose by only 0.6 per cent on a year ago according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the lowest rate of inflation since the series began in 1957.
The data underline how the high level of slack in the US economy – with 9.6 per cent unemployment and many factories standing idle – is continuing to put downward pressure on prices and creating the risk of still lower inflation or a slide into outright price declines.
Deflation will tend to make the dollar rise, securities fall, gold and other commodities fall and longer term bonds rise – over time.  Governments will be faced with falling revenues year on year, but will have access to money at record low interest rates, which can be used to build infrastructure and bail out bust banks, and ease the plight of the unemployed. 
It will be a joyless era, a time for incumbent politicians to be hated not loved, for politics to polarise into camps, and organisations to splinter, with (according to socionomic theory) women coming to the fore.

Next President of the USA?
In the UK, where is the next Thatcher to come from?  The Conservatives had better start looking around their benches.  Sayeeda Warsi?  Shame about the name, but she has the right style.   
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