Conservatives Near Majority For EU Withdrawal.

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Oh dear! 49% of Tory members want to leave the EU.
That’ll please the Libdems.

     by coldstone November 1st, 2010 at 09:15
And maybe UKIP!
You would think Tory members would be less eurosceptic than Tory voters.  These statistics open up a great opportunity for UKIP to take over the EP elections, come second ahead of labour and lib Dem again, and close the gap on the Conservatives.
From Conservativehome survey,

Asked if they wanted to leave the EU, 49% of members said they did. Of those wanting to stay in (totalling 51%);
  • 5% said “we should stay in the EU but leave the relationship as it is”;
  • 42% said “we should stay in the EU but aim to get powers back”;
  • 4% agreed “we should be more enthusiastic EU members”.

I added on Guido –

The British Tea Party is said to be UKIP. If there were open primaries operated by the Conservative Party, UKIP would be a faction within the party, and not a separate party. The Tea Party is taking over the Republican Party from within, because of Open Primaries.
If the Conservatives would simply open up the candidate selection system, and use open primaries instead of ‘A’ Lists etc with candidates selected by a corrupt elite, Nigel Farage would be a Conservative MP by now and plenty more like him.
Conservative home shows today that 49% of Conservative members want out of the EU, and 85% want repatriation of powers. Only a handful of Conservative MPs stand for withdrawal. Open Primaries would soon fix that.
UKIP should introduce Open Primaries and lead the way.

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