Climate Change Is No-Go Zone In Republican Party

If anyone thought the Tea Party’s influence on the Republican Party was just a passing fad, then they should look again.  The Tea Party’s campaign to deny man-made global warming has been successful in making climate change a ”no-go zone” within the Republican Party, and even amongst Democrats, few want to sound off about the climate without expressing doubts.
The Climategate scandal proved scientists were falsifying data to manufacture the scare, and this fact was exploited to the maximum extent, originally by bloggers, and then later by Tea Party people, until the subject has been dropped from mainstream politics.
Yahoo News writes – 
As criticism over “Climategate” mounted and President Obama’s efforts to secure a carbon-reduction pact at Copenhagen last year failed, Republican politicians — especially those affiliated with the tea party movement — began more boldly to deny man-made global warming. (And it’s not just Republicans who are publicly airing doubts about global warming. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin won his election in West Virginia after literally shooting a copy of the failed cap-and-trade energy bill in a campaign ad.)
The liberal blog ThinkProgress estimates that about half of the approximately 100 freshmen GOP Congressmen do not believe in man-made global warming. The soon-to-be chair of the House Science Committee is a climate-change skeptic.
Even among more moderate Republicans, climate change has become a no-go zone.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who ran on a clean-energy platform just a year ago, told a town hall last week he “can’t figure this stuff out” when asked if he is convinced man-made global warming is a problem.
“Mankind, is it responsible for global warming? Well I’ll tell you something. I have seen evidence on both sides of it. I’m skeptical — I’m skeptical,” he said. (His press secretary later walked back the remark a little in speaking to the Huffington Post.)
It’s unclear what effects this new trend among Republicans will have on global policy, since austerity-minded European nations have already signaled they are reluctant to act on reducing carbon emissions. The next UN conference on climate change is set for Nov. 29, when a binding deal to reduce carbon emissions is again not expected to be agreed upon by participating nations.
The OWG is not dropping the issue, though, and they still maintain that 97% of scientists are still convinced of man-made global warming.  They are still trying to bring this tired old nag of a story back to market.  Someone had better tell them to try another tale.  This one no longer sells.

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