13th December 2007 – Britain’s Loss Of Independence Day

*On the 13th December 2007 Gordon Brown signed away our freedom as an independent nation at Lisbon in Portugal, without obtaining our permission first.
*David Cameron stood for election and became Prime Minister by promising he would repatriate the powers that Brown gave away, and hold a referendum. He lied.
*There is only one Party which will fight to win Britain’s freedom back, and give people the choice which is rightly theirs, UKIP.
Join us. Take back through the ballot box what has been taken away from you by deception – your country.

The above inspired by this –

The idea to make the date 13th December 2007 a day that will live in infamy came in on an email from a regular Tap reader (preferring anonymity) –

Next month sees three years since Brown’s furtive signing of the Lisbon Treaty – the 13th I think. I know one can argue about the many steps it took to get there, but that should be declared as our nation’s “Loss of Independence Day”; in this case instead of a celebration there could be a pledge (of some kind) to work towards expunging it from the calendar.

Good idea, ****.  It would be a good campaigning idea to have such a day to remember when we lost our free existence as a nation.  Thanks for suggesting it.

COMMENT from Conservative home today –

In his acceptance speech, Mr Farage immediately launched into an attack on Prime Minister David Cameron and said Ukip was the only party that would offer a referendum on the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty.

“His international policy for the United Kingdom is simple – it is surrender, surrender, surrender,” Mr Farage said.

“Patriotic eurosceptic Tories are beginning to realise that under David Cameron and under William Hague, their party has ceased to exist.

“Quite simply, they have given up. Remember the cast-iron pledge we had from the Prime Minister? ‘I give you this pledge, there will be a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty’. Well of course, he turned his back on that.

“The only party prepared to talk about these issues openly, the only party prepared to put these great questions about who governs Britain to a referendum is now Ukip.”

Stirs the blood.

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